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Learn to Touch Type, Complete with Typing Games tool for Windows PC
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Jun 02, 2020
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KeyBlaze Typing Tutor is a simple and easy-to-use tool for Windows PC that is perfect for users of all skill levels. It is designed to show users touch typing, speed typing, and 10-key typing in a short period of time. You can quickly enhance your typing speed and accuracy using KeyBlaze.

Basic lessons on home keys, neighboring keys, capitalization, punctuation, and numbers are included in the software. It also includes advanced typing tests, practice exercises, and transcription audio exercises. The software even identifies difficult words and characters that require additional practice and allows you to import custom lessons, drills, and speed tests.

KeyBlaze also includes typing games to make learning to type more fun. The software calculates your net and gross words per minute, shows keyboard highlighting to help in finger placement, and allows you to establish personal speed goals. Moreover, the software is quick and simple to use, and it includes printable course completion certificates. With KeyBlaze, you can instantly improve your typing skills and boost your resume.

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