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The world's fastest P2P file-sharing application
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May 25, 2010
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The world's fastest P2P file-sharing application

Limewire was a popular cross-platform, open-source, peer-to-peer, file-sharing, program designed and owned by Mark Gorton. The Limewire app allowed its users to download and upload files through desktop software.

The Limewire app is based on Gnutella, a network protocol that permits the individual machine to interact with each other to transfer files with unparalleled speed to every user.

How to Install Limewire app on Windows 10 PC

In order to use Limewire, users had to first download Limewire’s latest and updated version from the official Limewire download link sourced here.

LimeWire Version 5.5.9 is the latest and final version of the software and it requires Java 1.6.0 to run smoothly. After you end up with the download process, double-click to execute the installer wizard. 

Follow the onscreen instruction to complete the installation. Users would have to select which folder on their PC should contain Limewire files. Lastly, you would give Limewire app permission to bypass any firewall software.

Once you end up with the installation now you can simply search for any file formats to download and upload including MP3 (for music), AVI/MPEG (video), JPG (images), and more.

Unlike the Limewire Old version 4.12.6, the latest 5.5.9 has been revamped completely and added new functionality, better connectivity, and improved GUI. 

Limewire Downloading the latest version on windows encourages legal file downloading from its Limewire Store. 

Don’t worry, you can still get unlimited free downloads. The library seems to be limited compared to competitor download stores, but it will of course get better with time.

Built-in Media Player

Limewire’s built-in media player comes in handy for users to play audio and video files right inside the program interface.

When user Limewire downloads any content using the software, users can make sure that they are downloading safe and clean files using Gnutella Network.

It’s always recommended to scan files via antivirus software before executing them on your windows PC. The downloaded files can be stored on your local machine or can be shared with other Limewire communities.

As you go with Limewire free download you can also use the program to connect with millions of users across the globe. 

LimeWire Community

Being a P2P file-sharing software, the software lets you build your own community. You can sign in with your Gmail, Jabber, or LiveJournal accounts, and share files with any of your friends who are also on LimeWire.

This makes sharing files much easier than searching IP addresses for files to share. With your Limewire free download, you can become part of the largest community on the planet and also find and download files from all over the world. 

What Happened to Limewire

Limewire was eventually shut down in October 2010 after a long-lasting legal battle with the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

LimeWire Alternatives

As you know that the official download of Limewire is no longer available, so you have to choose one of the best alternatives of Lime wire. You can download Utorrent, or Internet Downloader Manager on your PC to download videos, music, and files on your PC.

LimeWire  Latest Version 5.4.6 Update

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