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Live, visual time reports of worked and wasted time that’s you can access from everywhere!
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Smart Fish Soft
Sep 02, 2022
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Smart Time Tracker is an easy, clean time-tracker app that gives you real data on your hours worked and productivity. Track the time you work and waste. Access detailed time reports from anywhere for immediate and actionable insights.

Download Smart Time Tracker latest version 5.2.1 for Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows Vista & Mac PC. Click the download button and choose Smart Time Tracker’s latest version for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows operating systems.

Download Smart Time Tracker 5.1.2 for Windows 7/10 32-64 bit PC

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If you’ve ever found it difficult to complete a challenging task at work, start doing homework, or prepare for exams, our software can help you increase your ability to concentrate. Automated reminders encourage you to get back to work every time you procrastinate or fall victim to a time-wasting activity.

Track Hours Worked

Find out how much you use your computer to work and play and keep time sheets with detailed time reports.

Identify Distractions

It’s easier to concentrate when you know how and when you waste time and measure the time you spend on distractions.

Improve Performance

The time-tracking app will show you a warning each time you lose concentration, encouraging you to return to the task at hand.

Smart Time Tracker Features

  • Track work hours
  • Evaluate productivity
  • Review wasted time reports
  • Overcome procrastination

How To Use Smart Time Tracker?

1- Install: Install the app on your computer and create an account. Then, you can access the program at

2- Wasted Time Reminder: The counter will appear when you’re distracted by the news, social media, chats, or games, motivating you to return to your task.

3- View Time Reports: Review time reports on your online time-tracker panel to see your achievements and discover where you’re wasting time.

Smart Time Tracker Latest Version 5.1.2 Update

Updated to version 5.1.2 on Sep 02, 2022

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