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An extremely simple warehouse software, warehouse calculator
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Ivan Kurchenko
Jan 05, 2022
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An extremely simple warehouse software, warehouse calculator

Storecalc is a warehouse management software or simply called warehouse software Storecalc is assigned processes related to inventory collection and storage, manual and automated picking and tracking of items to be shipped. We can also call it a built-in program that enables businesses to manage various tasks from a centralized location.

Beginners can use Storecalc to optimize their Business The program is designed for inexperienced users to help them organize elementary inventory
control. It does not print any documents such as invoices; its purpose is to keep records on the stock.

The program saves the code, name, price, date of the last movement of goods and the remains of the stock (quantity, price). The left side of the window allows you to view details about the selected product, while the right
side of the window allows you to include a table with records storing all the products in the warehouse.

You can populate the table with new products and sort products, performs searches in a large database, and add and delete records as you please. Furthermore, Storecalc allows you to generate a report of products or the inventory and save them in an individual PDF.

Apart from this, you can view the number of products, the total quantity of products and packs, as well as the total cost of the products. The database that you will create in Storecalc will be stored in DAT files in the applications directory.

Backups are important and you can create them upon request via the ‘File’ menu. You can restore it at any time you require. Keeping this in mind, the data files that you’ll create can be password protected to avoid unauthorized access. Once you feel that everything is in place, you can export all the password-protected records in the database to a CSV file.A Simple Warehouse Manager/Calculator that looks completely Stale Warehouse Management software generally does not have an exciting user interface because they are more inclined to offer the business feature-rich and tactical tools for shipping, inventory tracking, labor management, reporting and forecasting, and optimizing workflow.

In the same way, the Storecalc warehouse calculator is a super simple and easy-to-use warehouse management software that allows you to monitor the warehouse storage and manage product movements. While it features password-protection of the database and backup capabilities, it does not allow multi-user login and data sharing. Advanced reporting and capabilities like wave management, cartonization, cycle count planning, and real-time inventory update would add a tremendous value to Storecalc.

Storecalc Latest Version 1.43 Update

Updated to version 1.4.3 on Jan 05, 2022

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