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TeamTalk 5 is a voice chat software designed to be optimized for online meetings. This application is very suitable for people who have to work remotely.

With the help of TeamTalk, you can exchange messages, and media files (video, audio, and images) and share information with your chat buddies in a geographical location far away.

Download TeamTalk latest version which supports Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP PC. This is the offline installer Setup.exe file for Team Talk and will work for both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.

Team Talk Download Review 2024

TeamTalk offers a number of features that make this program stand out from other apps of its kind. For example, this lightweight tool has a simple interface but does not lack sophistication.

You can create different chat rooms to communicate with different target groups. Besides, users can also connect to a separate server for LAN connection and connect over the Internet. This feature will allow you to secure data packets transmitted through Team Talk.

A big plus for TeamTalk is to intelligently arrange all features right in the main interface. On the left side of the main window are the connections and communication channels that have been created. Meanwhile, on the right side of the interface are tabs with separate functions such as Chat, Video, Desktops, and Files.

With such an arrangement, you can completely connect and chat with many of your friends at the same time. At the same time, users can move to the Video tab to chat or discuss work with many friends in different chat rooms.

Another point worth mentioning is that TeamTalk also supports the ability to share an application on your computer with the user on the other end via the Desktop tab. At the same time, you can also share the entire screen, part of the screen, or just the window of the program in use with your colleagues or partners.

This screen-sharing service allows users to adjust the time interval between image updates and supports an option to show or hide the mouse pointer. With this feature, users can conduct online meetings professionally.


  • Real-time dialogue through images on video and audio.
  • Allows sending chat messages to groups of people or to individuals.
  • Support file sharing feature between members of the same group.
  • Provides high-quality audio codecs with support for both mono and stereo audio.
  • Supports a voice activation feature.
  • Allows recording the conversation and saving it on the computer.
  • Support separate independent servers for LAN and Internet connections.
  • Support separate chat rooms and channels for each user group.
  • Support for the visually impaired.

How to Use Team Talk?

1- Setup a TeamTalk Channel

To use this online dialog system, users need to set up a private TeamTalk server or connect to one of the available public servers. After a successful connection, you will be provided with a communication channel number (chat room). You can log in and talk to users in the same chat room.

2- Video and Audio Conversations

TeamTalk allows users to conduct multiple video voice calls. You can click on the Video tab to see the video chat process with many other users. Users who are chatting via video will have a blue frame around their user icon. You can press the Detach button in the top right corner to view a certain user in a separate windowpane.

3- Share Apps on Your Computer

You can share an application running on your desktop with the user on the other end. To view shared apps in a separate window, press the Detach button in the top right corner of the screen.

4- File Sharing

You can share files with your chat friends via the Files tab. Also, if someone is sharing a file with you, you can go to that person’s communication channel to download the file. In addition, if a user has a user account on the server, they can upload files to the server so that other users can download them. The server administrator can specify a disk quota for each communication channel on the server.

5- Server Management

TeamTalk supports quite a few public servers for you to choose from. However, many users want to use their own server. To meet the needs of these users, TeamTalk provides its own independent server.

When using your own TeamTalk server, you can set up how the server works as you like. For example, you can specify the server interface and who has access rights.

Besides, you can also customize permissions for users on the server. For example, you can refuse, prevent users who do not have an account on the server from logging in and specify the user’s right to set up their own communication channels.

The server administrator can also specify whether to use the server’s bandwidth for audio and video transmission for users with limited bandwidth Internet connections. You should note that the maximum number of users in a TeamTalk server is 1000.

Latest TeamTalk update

TeamTalk 5.5

  • Select VBR/CBR for OPUS codec.
  • Select the frame size for the OPUS codec.
  • The maximum transmission interval increased to 500 msec.
  • Audio processor for media file streaming.
  • Control media file offset before playing on channel.
  • Test media playback before it officially airs on the channel.
  • Media file playback loop option.
  • Fixed the issue of recording a file containing audio from a media file.
  • Fixed .ogg file header for OPUS codec.

TeamTalk 5.4

  • Stream HTTP and HTTPS URLs instead of just files on Windows 10.
  • Constantly updating the online user dialog.
  • Box Online User allows to ban users from logging out.
  • OPUS 1.3″ audio codec
  • Language Romanian, Indonesian.
  • Save audio in MP3 format.
  • Connect to encrypted TeamTalk servers.

TeamTalk Latest Version 5.11.1 Update

Fixed regular expression in IP-address ban to prevent crash

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