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TotalAV Essential Antivirus for Windows

Modern Interface with room for lots of Improvements

TotalAV Essential Antivirus, developed by Total AV, is one of the new antivirus software. The product doesn’t match the standards set by-products like Avast and Norton. The antivirus is made compatible with all popular platforms. If you buy the antivirus, you get two additional perks. In addition to a 30-day MBG (money-back guarantee), you also receive an 80/90-dollar-off deal for the first year. The TotalAV Essential Antivirus can provide much need for protection for your devices.

TotalAV Essential Antivirus

Difficult to Install

The products installation process and buying options were a little odd. The initial discount you get is so big that people are quickly inclined to buy it. Users should be aware of the fact that this is only for the first year and next year the full amount would be automatically deducted. The installation process isn’t very slow, but required more than the average time for an installation an average user expects. After completing the installation, there were more installations required that deteriorated the first impressions of the product.

Paid Version is better

The free version for TotalAV Essential Antivirus is not having any extra features, and the current features also don’t work in the best way. To summarize, its free version is only able to scan the user’s device for threats. The Paid Version comes with features like System Boost, uninstall applications, manage browser data, Disk Cleaner, Web Security, and a Password Vault.


The antivirus protects you from phishing and malware. Phishing sites that steal user’s valuable information like login credentials to earn money through frauds further need to be blocked. Real-time protection is provided in the free version only. The bad news, however, is that according to the results, the antivirus was able to detect only 89% of such sites leaving a huge share of 11% of the remaining websites. On the other hand, products like Kaspersky, and McAfee have achieved 100% detection.

Malware protection on the free version is also poor. Without real-time protection, it was only able to block 12% of the websites. The paid edition did much better than the free version moving up to 76% but still lacks a lot when compared to what’s already offered. Norton has achieved 99% protection in this manner. TotalAV gets dangerous for its users as it declares certain URLs safe while around 25 other programs don’t. It’s a serious matter of concern for the company and its consumers.

System Boost

The software seemed to be pretty focused on boosting your device’s performance. To achieve it the antivirus program constitutes of three main areas: Startup Programs, Uninstall Applications, and Browser Manager.

Some programs launch at startup and are not used but still run in the background. Such programs consume extra memory and eat up system resources. Such programs can be disabled.

The Startup page in Task Manager can also achieve a similar function as unlike Norton, the disabling factor isn’t paused for a limited time. Norton adds the ability to launch programs after a delay. Programs that a user doesn’t use frequently are kept on a list and offered to the user to get them uninstalled. This is a good way to always have extra space as users tend to add many applications that they use just once.

TotalAV’s Browser Manager checks your browsers and offers a one-click option to clear cookies and history from them all. Do note that clearing cookies can force you to re-enter data on some sites. Also, pressing Ctrl+Shift+Del in any modern browser brings up a dialog that gives you finer control over just how you clear your browser data. All these features are standard features of any browser that you can find in any browser. There is nothing that users will find interesting.

The CleanUp tool in this antivirus works pretty well. It can help you remove your unnecessary and unused files including duplicates. It can save large amounts by cleaning cached Windows updates, recycle bin contents, temp files, and Windows error reporting files. The software regularly pops up a window to upgrade when you perform a task. Too many prompts could be very irritating.

Not Up to Par

While TotalAV Essential Antivirus includes the real-time protection component lacking in its free edition, it still didn’t earn impressive scores in our hands-on tests. In particular, it actively identified a dozen malware downloads as safe when 25 or more competing products flagged them as dangerous. And with no results from the independent labs, our hands-on tests are all we can go on. Yes, the product includes some handy tune-up tools, but they’re just not enough to make it a proper choice for antivirus. Other features, including VPN, password management, and identity monitoring, are only available at an extra cost.

Other Observations

The program’s paid version as told earlier is better. The free version offers features but I never felt content using it. The software is also not quite responsive that adds to the unsatisfied feeling. If you can afford the program, you would have to experience some performance issues.

TotalAV Essential Antivirus

TotalAV Essential Antivirus
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