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Activate your Windows 10 any version in seconds for free.
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May 15, 2023
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Activate your Windows 10 any version in seconds for free.

Windows 10 loader is a Windows 10 activation program that is free and lets you turn your non-genuine Windows 10 into a genuine one. This lightweight app activates any Win 10 version in a single click. The Windows 10 loader is free to download and is fully compatible with both 32-bit & 64-bit OS. The process is done without damaging or corrupting the files.

Once you load Win 10 you will be able to receive all updates that are available. There is no malware, virus, or trojan attached. The Windows 10 loader offline installer setup supports Windows 10 Home, Pro, & Enterprise.

Note: We don’t recommend tools like Windows 10 Loader to activate Windows, because these are third party tool and may come with malware or viruses that can harm your computer.

Windows 10 Loader Features:

The most important features are:

  • Supports All Editions: With the help of this tool, you can get activation for all Windows 10 editions. No matter if you have Professional, Education, Home, or other edition. It can be used to activate all editions of Windows 10.
  • N-Bit Supports: N-Bit supports means it supports both the architectures of Windows whether it is 32-bit or 64-bit this single tool can be used for both Bits. This way it can save space in your hard disk and also it avoids users keeping two tools in their computer.
  • Supports Office Activation: Want to activate Microsoft Office but don’t know which is the best tool? Well, this same tool can be useful to activate almost all versions of Microsoft Office. I have tried it on Office 2016 and got successfully activated so you can also try it on older versions.
  • No Ads: Tried many tools but all you get annoying pop-up ads right? I also faced this issue when I was testing tools on the internet that contain too many annoying advertisements. Now, this issue is solved as well because it doesn’t contain a single ad in it. That’s why I am personally recommending it to you.
  • No Virus: Some people on the internet are saying this contains viruses some saying it has malware and some saying it steals personal data and etc. These are only rumors as it is scanned by Virus Total and it doesn’t find any type of malicious code inside this tool.
  • Free of Cost: The thing you gonna probably like is that you will never ever be asked to pay money. Yes, that’s true the tool is totally free and it doesn’t even require subscriptions. It can be used on as many computers as you want without any problem.
  • Offline Activation: Don’t have an internet connection? No Problem! This tool doesn’t require the internet so you can still use it without connecting to WiFi or the internet.
  • But remember as I said above this you have to connect at least once in 180 days to keep the Windows activated. If you don’t do this you may lose activation and again have to follow these same steps.
  • Genuine License: I found many tools online which provide activation but when I tried to check the license information I notice this was a fake one.

How to Download & Install Windows 10 Loader?

Just follow the given below steps to download the Win 10 loader on your PC:

  1. First, click on the download button to get the Win Activator 10 on your PC.
  2. It will come as a Zip folder so extract the files using Winrar or any other tool.
  3. Before you install this tool disable the Antivirus or Windows Defender.
  4. You can disable Windows Defender by opening Start Menu > Search for Windows Defender.
  5. Now select the first option Virus & Threat Protection > Under Virus & Threat Protection Settings click Manage Settings > Next disable Real-Time protection using that slider.
  6. Once the defender is disabled click on the Windows 10 loader file to start the installation process.
  7. When opening the exe file you will be asked to enter the password. the password is included with the download file.
  8. Now double-click on KMSPico.exe to choose to run it as an administrator.
  9. Follow the onscreen instruction to complete the installation.

How to Activate Windows 10 Using the KMSPico Loader?

Once this utility is installed follow these steps to load Windows 10 32-bit or 64-bit versions.

  • First, go to the My Computer > Properties and check your Windows status.
  • Now open KMSPico Windows 10 loader.
  • You will notice that the Windows icon is RED right now.
  • click on the RED button and wait for the process to complete.
  • You will hear a notification via sound saying “Program Complete.”
  • After that, the Windows logo background turned white which means the activation is successful.
  • Restart your PC and go to My Computer > Properties and check the status.

Is Windows 10 Loader Safe?

Using a Windows 10 loader like KMSPico is safe. During installation, you may encounter false alarms raised by your Antivirus. It is because of the nature of this app. It uses codes that may raise concerns for antivirus tools. Still, it is safe and works 100%.

Will I get Windows updates after the activation?

Currently, Microsoft is releasing updates for Windows 10, once you activate any version of Windows 10, you will be able to get any updates.

Will this Loader install anything else?

No, Windows 10 loader won’t install anything on your operating system.

Does this Loader provide lifetime activation?

Yes! Once you run the loader your Windows 10 copy will be genuine, after that, the activation will be permanent.

Is it illegal to download Windows 10 Loader on a PC?

Yes, It’s illegal because it activates Windows free without buying the license copy from Microsoft. But you can’t say it’s 100% illegal it is just a loop in Windows OS which is from the beginning and they haven’t fixed it yet.

Windows 10 Loader Latest Version 11.0.1 Update

Updated and stable version.

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