Antivirus Remover 2.35
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Allows you to remove the antivirus installed on your Windows PC and clean up all traces from the system registry and temporary files.
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Brock Eldridge
Jun 14, 2015
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Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 PC
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Antivirus Remover is a useful tool that allows you to simply remove antivirus software from your Windows PC and remove any traces that may have been left in the registry or temporary files. It supports a wide range of antivirus software and gives unique download URLs for each program’s uninstaller file. This ensures that all antivirus-related files are removed from the system, promoting a clean and conflict-free environment for installing fresh antivirus software.

The program provides a list of every supported antivirus product and their associated uninstallers, allowing users to remove any antivirus package fast and efficiently. It also suggests running in safe mode with networking to ensure that all files are properly removed.

Antivirus Remover is a reliable and intuitive utility that helps users in keeping their Windows PC clean and free of conflicts caused by conflicting antivirus software. It provides a quick and easy way to remove unnecessary antivirus software from the system, maintaining optimal performance and protection.

Antivirus Remover Latest Version 2.35 Update

Added the date when the database was updated.
Changed code to allow others to manage database links.