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Nov 16, 2022
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Epic Pen is an annotation tool that lets you move seamlessly between your software and your notes in real time, allowing you to draw, write and highlight over any desktop software.

Whether you have to annotate any business document or highlight any official document on screen or maybe write over your teaching material in a fun and engaging way.

Download Epic Pen’s latest free version 3.9.117 for Windows & Mac PC. This offline installer setup of Epic Pen will work for both 32-bit or 64-bit versions of Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP & macOS.

Download Epic Pen Overview

Obviously, the covid-19 has prospectively accelerated the need for virtual classes. The communication and collaboration software, say for example Zoom or Microsoft Teams where the drawing and text tools help draw attention to content or portion of the center stage area is the most important aspect to make learning helpful. Epic Pen is, therefore, a scriptable annotation tool that lets you positively scribble over on your desktop so you can set your work environment anytime anywhere. It supports a highlighter, eraser, screenshot grabber, and keyboard shortcuts with literally demanding no experience – at all.

Create an Overlay Over the Desktop, Seamlessly

Online tutoring it’s great because it is compatible with major interactive whiteboards or platforms. Hence, making it the best online tutoring and teaching tool. Even artists, 3D artists, animators, graphic designers, and the workforce from creative industries have had a truly satisfactory experience, making this screen marker a proficient tool.

Geared Up With All Essentials

The lightweight software is designed with extreme care to extend the best experience to you. For example, you’ve made an edit on the screen and you want to switch back to some other screen without altering the highlight. All you have to do is temporarily stop the epic pen and move between software easily.

There is no restriction to what device you use be it a PC or a Windows tablet or any other interactive whiteboard. Epic pen fully supports multi-touch input, making it much more flexible. It also provides full pen pressure support when used with drawing tablets and other pressure input devices, hence providing great pressure sensitivity.

Epic pen extends its support to over hotkeys and they can also be used in conjunction with standard software hotkeys. Well, I like the fact that you can move the toolbar anywhere on the screen to make tasks much easier, while also hiding your notes at a click of a button. Tough, your content would not wipe out on doing this.

With all these features at hand, you can carry out some really exciting work. It also has all the toolkits that can help you get your task done. To mention a few there’s the option to erase, undo, clear, draw different geometrical shapes, add text or screenshot a screen, and much more!

Up-gradation Plan

The free version excludes:

  • Line, Squares, circles
  • Text tool
  • Lines, squares, circles
  • Arrow Tool
  • Whiteboard / Blackboard

It, however, includes a pen, eraser & Highlighter, screenshot Crop tool, and a color palette of holding 16 colors. The Pro version which turns out to be US$25.00 per install gives a wider option of features and tools including:

  • Pen, Eraser & Highlighter
  • Screenshot Crop tool
  • Lines, squares, circle(s)
  • Arrow tool
  • Whiteboard/Blackboard
  • 24 colors
  • Text Tool


Because I have used this and spent working some time with it; it is better to say that Epic Pen is almost the best annotation tool that lets you draw, write or highlight directly over software, video, webpages, or games. It lets you make notes, give feedback, improve video tutorials & presentations or just get creative! So why not try it?

Epic Pen Latest Version 3.11.40 Update

Displays a notification to users the first time the toolbar is closed to let them know Epic Pen is still running in the background.