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Customize Start Menu & Task Bar with the StartIsBack software
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Mar 08, 2023
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StartIsBack is a 3rd party customization app for Windows 8, 8.1, and 10 that restores the classic Start Menu. If you prefer the look and feel of Windows 7 Start Menu compared to the newer one then this app is perfect for you. It also adds many extra features like:

  • Quickly launch programs that are used often.
  • Search stuff quickly with the Windows search.
  • Open System apps like Control Panel, Settings, Windows Update, etc. in one click.
  • Shut down your PC with a single click.
  • Customize the Taskbar with skins, color, icon size and positioning, translucency, etc.
  • Customize the Start Button and Menu with skins, button appearance, choosing shortcuts to display in the Start Menu, etc.
  • Reduce OS Resource Usage.

StartIsBack download is available for free but it is only a trial of 100 days. If you want to keep using it after that you’ll have to buy it. StartAllBack is another app by the same devs that supports Windows 11 and brings new additional features as well.

How to Buy StartIsBack?

To buy it head on over to their official website on this link and purchase a copy for yourself.

How to Download & Install

Download the installer from the top of this page and then launch it. Once it is open follow the installer’s on-screen instructions to complete the setup. After setup is complete, you can now configure the app and tinker with further advanced settings.


How do I configure the Start Menu?

Either right-click the Start button and click “Properties” or right-click opened Start Menu itself and choose the “Properties” context menu item.

How do I uninstall StartIsBack?

As expected: go to Control Panel – Programs and Features, find StartIsBack, and click Uninstall.

What if I change the hardware configuration of my PC or replace it?

If you change both the hard disk and motherboard, you will need to activate your license again as the modified PC will count as new. You can activate your license on a new PC after 30 days since you used the license on the old PC, so you may need to wait until the trial period is over.

Does the paid app expire?

No, the paid app will never expire. The app for newer OS, upgrades may require an upgrade payment.

StartIsBack Latest Version 2.9.19 Update


- Fixed unexpected Hold Escape to disable StartIsBack message.

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