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Browse the Web without Any Limitations

There are numerous advantages to using a Virtual Private Network (VPN). The Internet is surrounded by many security threats and cannot be considered a safe place without appropriate security. With unlimited benefits that provide a safe and satisfying virtual platform, FastestVPN is one of the premium VPNs to depend on for privacy and security.

FastestVPN ensures that your internet data is encrypted to provide you with a virtual space with complete safety and robust security from ISPs, government agencies, and third-party criminals.

Having heard a lot about FastestVPN, I have tried the VPN and analyzed every feature and its compatibility with multiple devices. Let’s dive in to get acquainted with the best security protocols without further delay.

What FastestVPN Has To Offer

Let’s go through each feature that FastestVPN offers to its customers and why they matter for the overall VPN experience.

Accessibility to Global Content

Streaming from entertaining media apps/websites with a plethora of media content without any geographical blocks is fascinating for media enthusiasts. Unfortunately, there are geo-blocks and censored content laws that cannot let you get the privilege of internet freedom.

While connected to FastestVPN servers, there were thousands of media content that I have recently explored after being deprived of for years.FastestVPN has a network of 600+ VPN servers in 50+ locations worldwide that allows users to access content no matter what region they reside in.

DNS Leak Protection

Domain Name System (DNS) leak occurs when the VPN app is not configured properly to always use the VPN server’s DNS. Such a flaw can expose your DNS query to the ISP. So it was assuring to know that my web browsing activity will remain protected from the prying eyes of the ISP.

Having DNS leak protection can save your data from getting leaked so no one can spy on your browsing activities.

Limitless Torrenting

Torrenting is quite fun when you do it without having your ISPs prying on your internet activities. FastestVPN supports P2P which means you get absolute freedom on the internet with the best speeds. I tried downloading something off torrents by connecting to the nearest VPN server and my speed did not drop much.

I have set timers to get an accurate idea of the media content’s uploading and downloading time and speed. It turned out to be a reliable feature that actually worked.

10 Simultaneous Connections

Having ten simultaneous connections is a great way to utilize a facility you have paid for. One single FastestVPN subscription allows you to connect multiple devices at once.

What cherry on top is that users can add more multi-logins just by paying $6 for a single device.

Smart Tunneling

Routing the internet traffic automatically via FastestVPN’s smart tunneling is a thoughtful procedure to whitelist the applications that you do not want to get past through the VPN tunnel.

It is useful for accessing banking applications that may not recognize your new IP address and geolocation.

Internet Kill Switch

Sudden VPN disconnection is a nightmare. What if one is middle of finishing an essential task involving sensitive data transmission? A kill switch facility is a lifeguard in the unfortunate situation that cuts off your internet until you reconnect to the VPN. This way, there is zero chance of data leaks.

Secure Use Of Public WiFi

Using public Wi-Fi comes with unreliability and internet threats. I had an enjoyable online shopping experience while being safe, secure, and anonymous.

Furthermore, with everything being digitized, there is no time to opt for manual procedures when one can have them digitally. With this amazing feature, I am paying my utility bills and doing bank transactions with relief since I stopped being a product for advertisers.

Moreover, while shopping, it has become easier to connect to the mall wifi since I am always going online with my FastestVPN servers to protect my privacy, and so should you.

NAT Firewall

A Network Address Translation (NAT) Firewall facilitates the user with an extra layer of security since it blocks unsolicited web traffic from entering your network. FastestVPN’s NAT firewall feature runs by default.

Unlimited Bandwidth

As an exciting roller coaster ride, FastestVPN’s unlimited bandwidth feature offers me unlimited downloading and uploading of content without having a cap on it. Downloading files without any roadblocks is a great way to consume entertainment media.

Several Payment Methods

Going to the website’s pricing page, scroll down; there, you will find an option of “select your payment method.” You can always opt for the credit card option, PayPal or pay via cryptocurrency, which comes with anonymity. Both of the payment methods take care of customer privacy, respectively.

Servers And Connectivity

FastestVPN is operating 600+ servers in 50+ countries and 62+ locations globally. The best thing about FastestVPN servers is that they are robust and keep you connected.

Don’t worry if you travel abroad or attend a business conference in another state; FastestVPN is a great companion to keep you connected with the latest news.

Affordable Pricing

A quality VPN with affordable pricing and many robust features doesn’t happen every day. Getting a subscription to the one-year plan, I am a satisfied user since I need to connect to multiple devices. The best connectivity with reasonable pricing was everything I was yearning to get.

These are the three premium packages that FastestVPN offers. All plans come with a 15-day money-back guarantee.

  • $10 per month (1-Month Plan)
  • $29.95 annually (1 Year plan)
  • $39.95 triennially (3-Year Plan)

Besides that, you can get Internxt cloud storage and Passhulk subscription free with any FastestVPN subscription for a limited time.


Internet vulnerabilities result in data loss, cybercrime activities, identity theft, and many unfortunate online accidents. Before losing the long-earned money in your bank or the sensitive data you are responsible for in your organization, choose a reliable VPN for browsing the web.

Privacy measures don’t come without using a robust VPN. From the best security features to reliable servers that never drop, FastestVPN obstructs every internet vulnerability that blocks your way.

FastestVPN Latest Version 3.01 Update

Favorite servers move to a separate tab.
Double VPN Auto Protocol More speedy servers, up to 10 Gbps support.
FastestVPN icon shows the connection status in the system tray icon.
Auto Connect on startup.
Dedicated server for Netflix, Disney+, BBC iPlayer, Hotstar, and more.
Chat option in setting tab.
More options in settings such as changing passwords, and app notifications