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Aug 9, 2022
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Free virtual private network software

Hotspot Shield Free VPN 11.3.1 is software to bypass firewalls and access websites securely and quickly. With the ability to hide IP addresses when surfing the web to ensure the safety of personal information for users, Hotspot Shield is increasingly trusted by many users.

Hotspot Shield is the world’s fastest VPN, verified by Ookla’s Speedtest. By connecting to one of its 3,200+ VPN servers in over 80 countries – including 35+ cities around the world – encrypt your internet traffic. This ensures you can browse the web securely and privately, and your sensitive data is always protected.

Hotspot Shield download for PC works on Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows Vista, and Windows XP. Get the best VPN software offline installer for your 32-bit and 64-bit PC today and enjoy access to all your favorite content privately and securely.

Hackers are very fond of attacking shared access points these days on Windows Operating systems. Networks lack proper encryption because they need to be open to everyone. Unless you use virtual private network (VPN) software, anyone can see all the wireless Internet traffic you use, including passwords and email messages. The best free VPN software right now is Hotspot Shield Stable released by AnchorFree.

Hotspot Shield is fully compatible with all popular web browsers such as Chrome, IE, Firefox, Maxthon, and Opera and does not require plugin installation. In addition, Hotspot shield Full supports many languages, including Vietnamese.

Advantages of Hotspot Shield:

  • Easy to use, free unlimited.
  • Secure connection.
  • Access blocked the web easily.
  • Supports many different platforms.
  • High-security mode.
  • Easy to install.
  • Servers in over 60 locations globally.
  • Unblock global websites, apps, games, and video streaming.
  • Connect anonymously and protect privacy.
  • Secure your device.
  • Surf anonymously with fast speed.
  • Protects you when connecting to public WiFi hotspots.
  • App bypass settings: You can set up specific apps to use the VPN service, while others use the native network.

Access blocked website

Many services and websites, especially online music and video streaming sites, often block IP based on location to limit user access. Hotspot Shield Free VPN for Windows allows you to bypass this geographical barrier easily.

Fast and stable VPN service

Hotspot Shield Free VPN owns a lot of strong and stable networks, software, and hardware. As a result, users will get the fastest and most stable VPN service on Windows devices.

Quick Installation

Stream videos, download large files, or surf the web at high speed. Hotspot Shield Free VPN’s proprietary VPN protocol makes your connection faster than ever.

Browse the web anonymously

You don’t need to install any incognito browser if using this VPN app. Just turn on HotSpot Shield and all your Internet traffic is fully encrypted. Users’ online activities are completely anonymous.

WiFi Security

Because all of your online traffic is encrypted through the VPN, even if you access a public WiFi hotspot, you are always protected from risks associated with WiFi networks.

Remove geo-restrictions

Hotspot Shield Free VPN hides your IP address so the user’s location is also changed, allowing you to bypass geo-restrictions and access any content anywhere.

HotSpot VPN for PC Key Features and Highlights

Protect web sessions, data, personal information, and online shopping information with HTTPS encryption.

Hotspot Shield VPN is the most reliable Internet security solution on the market today. With over 75 million downloads, Hotspot Shield VPN for Windows offers stronger protection than any other competing VPN. It has the function of protecting web browsers, and online personal information from theft, encrypting passwords, online shopping information, etc. In addition, this software also supports protecting IP addresses from hackers and ISPs to make sure your surfing process takes place in absolute safety.

Protect yourself against the risk of identity theft.

The tool provides protection against malware, spam, and phishing websites. Hiding your IP address helps ensure your privacy when you’re online.

When surfing the web, you may face a situation where hackers are monitoring your online activities to get personal data or important information. Therefore, Hotspot Shield VPN will protect your IP address to avoid the intrusion of those hackers. It allows you to browse the Internet anonymously so as not to be tracked.

Protect yourself against snoopers at public Wi-Fi hotspots such as in hotels, airports, cafes…

Many users have lost their personal data, passwords, credit card information, etc. when they access the Internet through public Wi-Fi at hotels, restaurants, cafes, etc. because the hotspot Public Wi-Fi access will not have a secure or protected network connection. Hotspot Shield VPN will support encrypted network traffic to protect their online data in those cases.

Is Hotspot Shield Safe?

Hotspot Shield is a 100% safe & secure VPN service for Windows PC from a technical standpoint. No DNS leaks, strong encryption, and proprietary tunneling protocols guarantee your security.

How to download Hotspot Shield Free VPN?

Follow these 4 easy steps below to download Hotspot Shield Free VPN in seconds.

  1. Download Hotspot Shield Free VPN
  2. Open Hotspot Shield Free VPN app and click Connect.
  3. Select the VPN server location you want to connect to.
  4. Feel free to enjoy your favorite content.

Hotspot Shield VPN Older versions

HSS 10.22.3 Oct 19th, 2021 – hotSpot Shield 10.15.1 May 31rd, 2021 – 10.14.1 Apr 12th, 2021 – 10.12.1 Jan 19th, 2021 – 10.11.4 Jan 4th, 2021 – 10.11.3 Nov 23th, 2020

Hotspot Shield Latest Version 11.3.1 Update

Improve Hotspot Shield with bug fixes and optimizations.

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