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A Quora user writes “My parents are tracking me through life 360. Is there any way to spoof it?”. Sorry for this, but it had me in fits. Like, the phrasing was ironed in a way that made me feel sorry for him yet burst me out (lightly).

Anyways, some good people expressed their opinions about the ignorance and lack of trust by the parents, and a few answers grabbed my attention. One such was a list of the best location spoofers or fake GPS location apps to bypass location-sharing apps (life360). That included iOS location spoofers linking to Google App Store like Lockito, fake GPS Location Spoofer, and Mock Locations.

This time I’m here to review and provide testing insights about the AimerLab MobiGo iPhone GPS Location Spoofer.

AimerLab MobiGo Location Spoofer

MobiGo Location Spoofer Changes your iPhone’s Location to Anywhere in the World

At its core, MobiGo iPhone Location Spoofer changes the location on your iPhone, tricking your phone into telling apps that you’re located somewhere you’re not.

Put simply, when you spoof your GPS location, every location-based app on your phone will be fooled and it has its own good benefits. A few such benefits that MobiGo Location Spoofer gives by changing the GPS location are:

  • Changing the location to fake the dating app thinking that you’re somewhere a hundred miles away. A cleverly perfect way to get ahead of the dating game. BOOM!
  • Spoof your iPhone location when using a location-based game like Pokemon GO. You can track your iPhone or Android into telling the game that you’re somewhere else and it’ll believe it. This way you can pick up a different Pokemon type, plus find Gyms or PokeStops
  • You can have fun with it by “virtual traveling” to Dubai, maybe Miami or anywhere, or visit a famous landmark to trick your Facebook friends into thinking you’re on a super spicy vacation
  • Use MobiGo Location Spoofer to fake GPS location to fool your family and friends in your location-sharing app to hide your real location from apps that ask for it

What Exactly is MobiGo Location Spoofer

When you download MobiGo Location Spoofer, you’ll learn that it is an iPhone location spoofer that switches your GPS location on iOS devices. MobiGo Location Spoofer lets you fake the location on apps like Pokémon GO, Snapchat, and more.

How to Set up MobiGo Location Spoofer

It requires you to connect your iPhone or iOS device to a computer and then change the device’s location.

MobiGo Location Spoofer Pricing Is Justified If I compare it With Other Location Spoofers for iOS

Tensorshare iAnyGo, Foneazy MockGo, and AimerLab MobiGo Location Spoofer have basically the same subscription model. The only difference is that Tensorshare iAnyGo lifetime purchase is at $69.95. While UltFone iOS Location changer and Tensorshare iAnyGo have the same subscription model, so the difference is only in the yearly plan.

iMyFone GPS Location changer and MobiGo location changer also have pretty much the same subscription model. The difference, however, is that iMyFone has a one-month plan for $14.99 while MobiGo is at $9.95. While iMyFone has a much lesser price tag for its yearly and quarterly plans, MobiGo has a higher yearly and quarterly subscription model. The lifetime plan for iMyfone is $89.99 and MobiGo features $59.99 for the same lifetime purchase model.

Therefore, if you want to go for a lifetime purchase, I recommend buying MobiGo. For the Quarterly plan, choose iMyFone AnyTo for iOS/Android. Choose MobiGo for the monthly plan if you are looking to use it for just one complete month.

Hide Your Geographic Location Online Without Jailbreak

You can simulate GPS movements and customize your routes through a one-stop or multi-stop mode. An additional feature that makes MobiGo Location Spoofer in the list of best iOS location spoofers is its ability to customize your routes’ speed.

Even more: MobiGo Location Spoofer lets you search for specific destinations, locations, and routes which is super helpful for AR games fans. This fake GPS location spoofer tool can easily spoof your location in games like Pokemon GO. This would be an ideal Pokemon Go walking hack to improve your stats or catch Pokemons remotely.
You can also spoof your location on various social apps like WhatsApp or Instagram. If you are using any dating app (like Tinder or Bumble), then you can get more matches by changing your location.

The historical records keep saving the visited locations for easy and convenient re-selection. The best is that you don’t need to jailbreak your iOS device for location spoofing.

Play Pokemon GO without moving Outside

Pokemon GO checks your IP address to find your real position. It also looks at the GPS coordinates of your mobile device and matches that with the area of your IP address. If Pokemon GO finds you cheating they may ban you from playing.

A good Pokemon Go location Spoofer can mask your location within Pokemon GO. When you use MobiGo location spoofer to access Pokemon, you’ll be able to play location-based AR games like Pokemon GO and travel several miles away to pick up a different Pokemon type.

MobiGo 1-Click iphone GPS Location Spoofer

One-Stop Mode, and Multi-Stop Mode to Simulate GPS Movement

These modes refer to the number of stops you make in your simulated path. One-stop mode allows you to set a starting and end route point on the map. The fake GPS location app will create the journey flow in the chosen area. This will help game users complete different tasks.

Import GPX to Start a Designed Route

GPS Visualizer is an online utility that creates maps and profiles from geographic data. You can give input in the form of GPS data (tracks and waypoints), driving routes, street addresses, or simple coordinates.

You can use it to see where you’ve been, plan where you’re going, or quickly visualize geographic data. Also, import the GPX file from your computer to MobiGo. Once it’s done, you will have an overview of the route on the GPX file and simulate the same route.

I do like this feature and I think this is one of the features that make the MobiGo Location Spoofer the best iPhone location spoofer. You can import your created route directly into the software and plan out your entire outdoor activity with all the controls in your hand. You can explore every route with safety, and you can even favorite certain routes for later use. You can upload the GPX file in the software to sync the route you have created to explore the place.

GPS joystick for more flexible control

GPS joystick provides a more flexible control to help your move easily from one point to another. This can save you time and effort and is ideal for Pokemon GO gamers. The joystick controls reduce 90% of your labor for moving while teleporting or being in any other mode.

Define Speed

You can customize the speed from 3.6km/h-36km/h to simulate walking, cycling, or driving speed.

Ideal iPhone Fake GPS Location Spoofer

Download MobiGo Location Spoofer on pc and trick your friends by sending some fake virtual locations on different social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, etc), even if you are sitting at your home.

Spoof your location on dating apps with the help of MobiGo Location Spoofer. Matching with people on dating apps like Tinder and Bumble was never so amazing. You can match with any individual from any place by pretending to be from some other location.

How to Spoof GPS Location using MobiGo iPhone GPS Location Spoofer

Step 1. Connect your device to a Mac or PC

Step 2. Select your desired mode

Step 3. Choose a virtual destination to simulate

Step 4. Adjust the speed and stop to simulate more naturally

PS: I do like that they have provided a detailed guide on how to download and install MobiGo location Spoofer and how to use MobiGo iPhone GPS Location Spoofer step-by-step.

MobiGo iPhone GPS Location Spoofer Tech Specs

Windows: Win 11/10/8.1/8/7
Mac: Mac OS X 10.13 (High Sierra),10.14 (macOS Mojave), 10.15 (macOS Catalina) and later (macOS 12 Monterey included)

Why I’m Happy To include it in the list of Best GPS Location Changer Software for iOS Devices

I’ve previously tested and reviewed some of the best GPS location changer software for iOS and Android devices (like UltFone iOS Location changer, Tensorshare iAnyGo, and iMyFone AnyTo). They all pretty much provide multi-spot, two-spot movement, natural simulation using a joystick, work with location-based games like Pokemon Go, WhatsApp, and Facebook, provide historical records, and their steps to set it up are also super easy. Therefore, after testing, and reviewing MobiGo Location Spoofer, I do not regret including it in the list of the best GPS location changer software for iOS devices.

MobiGo iPhone GPS Spoofer Latest Version 3.3.0 Update

Updated to the latest version. Fixed bug.