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There are countless tools that offer password recovery features for different platforms. You can find such tools for Windows passwords or even iOS security protocols. You have very limited options when it comes to Excel password recovery. Usually, users like to stick with LostMyPass, Passper, or Password-Find. These are quite amazing tools, but at some point, you have to look for better alternatives.

If you are tired of these typical tools and want a better solution with powerful features, PassWiper for Excel is a perfect password recovery tool for Excel users. Is it safe for the users and is your data protected while using PassWiper for Excel? All of these questions are answered in detail in this review.

PassWiper for Excel Review: Is It Worth Trying?

The real challenge in any recovery operation is to remove password restrictions without losing the contents of the file. If you end up losing the data of the Workbook, there is no point in using that tool. PassWiper for Excel not only offers an ultra-high success rate but the safety of the data too. There are different attack modes to ensure the fastest password recovery. Even if you don’t have the slightest idea of the current password, PassWiper for Excel has the potential to help you with password recovery. Here is a simple overview of the different specifications of the tool.

PassWiper for ExcelSpecifications
FunctionsRecover Excel Password to Open, Remove Excel Password to Modify, Remove VBA Password
Success RateUltra-high success rate and mostly 100% password recovery rate
Key FeaturesRemove formatting restrictions, Excel password recovery, and Unprotect Excel files.
Supported FilesExcel 2003 to 2021, including Office365
Data SafetyNo risk of data damage

How to Use PassWiper for Excel?

PassWiper for Excel is developed for users of all sorts ranging from tech specialists to ordinary Excel users and students. The graphical interface of the tool makes it quite easy, and here are the simple steps that you need to follow to use PassWiper for Excel for password recovery:

Way 1: Recover Excel Password

You can opt for this attach mode when you have a slight idea of the previous password. Input the characters or numbers of the previous password so the tool can speed up the password recovery process.

  • Install PassWiper for Excel on your laptop and launch the tool and click on “Recover Excel Password.”
Recover Excel Password Using PassWiper for Excel
  • Now, drop your protected Excel file and select dictionary attack, and then click on recover.
Recover Excel Password Using PassWiper for Excel

Note: A dictionary attack is used to determine a password by trying all possible passwords in the dictionary order. A combination attack is designed to test combinations of possible passwords. It uses a hash function, like MD5, to generate hashes for each combination of letters and/or numbers that form a potential password. A brute force attack is one that tries every possible combination of characters until the correct one has been found. This will be done using an algorithm.

  • The process will take a few moments as per the length of the password, and you will be shown the password once the process is complete.
Recover Excel Password Using PassWiper for Excel

Way 2: Remove Excel Password

If you have access to the Excel file but cannot make changes due to formatting restrictions, you can use the second option, Remove Excel Password by using the given steps:

  • Click on Remove Excel Password from the home page of the tool
Remove Excel Password using PassWiper for Excel
  • Import the restricted Excel file to the tool and click on the Remove button
Remove Excel Password using PassWiper for Excel
  • Within a minute, the password will be removed and you will be able to use the Excel file without any limitations. 

Why PassWiper for Excel Wins Your Heart?

What makes PassWiper for Excel a better choice than other tools? What are the unique features of the tool that make it worth it for the users? Well, there are not many tools out there with such fantastic, simple, and user-friendly interfaces. PassWiper for Excel is faster, safer, and more efficient and offers other outstanding features, including:

  • Remove VBA password within seconds
  • Auto-saving of the recovery process
  • Open protected MS Excel file within a few clicks
  • Recover or remove the password for Excel files without data loss
  • Independent of the Office environment
  • Recover the password for the locked Excel Workbook
  • Remove any type of formatting and editing restrictions

Is it Safe or Legit to use?

PassWiper for Excel offers an absolutely safe and legit password recovery process. You can be assured that PassWiper for Excel is a very safe tool as this tool is already trusted and used by a huge user base. There will be no formatting restrictions on your files as this tool doesn’t require any 3rd party application integration or special permissions that may cause data loss during the recovery process. Your data is 100% safe, and it has a 100% success rate which makes it a legit tool for professionals and ordinary users.


PassWiper for Excel is a powerful password recovery tool for Excel and MS Office users. With zero data loss and a high success rate, this tool is the best choice for professionals as well as ordinary users. Easy to use interface, with simple steps to follow, makes it easier to use everyone without any technical knowledge. This can be the perfect spot-on solution that you have been looking for the password recovery process.

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