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Transform Captured Photographs into Chic and Artistic Drawings
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Oct 6, 2022
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If are you looking for a new take on classic drawing applications, then you might want to check out a pencil sketch. This is a free new application that converts your favorite photographs into pencil sketches. Have you ever wanted to convert your family photo into a brilliant piece of art like that of a veteran artist? This application allows you to do just this.

Download Pencil Sketch Easy Drawing Apk 7.5 for Android and Windows PC. You can install this APK on your pc and Android phone, for easy drawing with Pencil sketch on pc you have to download an android emulator BlueStacks to install & use this apk on your Windows PC.

Pencil Sketch Easy Drawing Apk Download & Features Overview 2022

Pencil Sketch is a photo editing app available on the google play store that lets you transform your pictures into pencil-drawn sketches. By default, they are black and white, although you can also transform them into colorful drawings by adding different filters.

The editing tool in Pencil Sketch is easier to use than in other apps and lets you create your sketch with just a few touches on the screen. If you want to add color, you just have to press one more button. No matter what you want to do, you can usually have your picture ready in less than a minute. This small app makes pencil drawings sketch easy and simple.

Aside from these basic options, Pencil Sketch also lets you draw with your fingertip on the canvas, and even add a text box that you can move freely, resize, rotate, change colors, etc. Pencil Sketch is a simple and effective photo editing tool that lets you create nice pictures with a hand-drawn effect.

It gives you a wide selection of pens and pencils to use and a lot of presets to edit your photos. The result and outcome of the photos come out very good and the result is sharp and beautiful. This is also indicated by some users who have mentioned this.

However, all good things come coupled with a few negatives. This app will not properly be able to render very dark images and the outcome might look unrealistic. Another drawback of this app is that due to the limited presets and pens the user might get bored pretty fast and the app may seem repetitive. Moreover, I have also noticed that the application is clunky and slow.

How to Install & Use Pencil Sketch Apk on Windows PC?

To install Pencil Sketch Android App on your Windows PC, First, you have to download, and install an android emulator, e.g. LDPlayerBlueStacks, or Gameloop on your PC.

After installing any of the above android emulators, open the emulator program and install the Easy Pencil Sketch Apk on your PC. Once you have installed the Apk on your PC, it’s no hard task converting your favorite photos into brilliant pieces of art as the app is fairly simple to use. You can choose to either convert your photo into a black-and-white painting or a fully colored one.


All in all this application is a fun little tool to convert your precious photos into amazing works of art, however, with time this application can easily become boring and repetitive.

As far as usage is concerned, this is a fairly simple application to use so even someone who isn’t very tech-savvy should be easily able to navigate through the app. Moreover, it is free, so I’d suggest hitting a try at what could possibly go wrong.

Pencil Sketch Latest Version 7.5 Update

Update the built-in photo editor and fix bugs.

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