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Reliable app to monitor CPU temperature for Intel Processors
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Nov 21, 2012
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Real Temp is a free portable CPU temp monitor specially built for Intel CPUs such as single Core, Dual Core, Quad-Core, and Core i7. Real Temp Intel CPU temp monitor shows an active reading of your system’s main components.

Real Temp displays accurate information. You can instantly check CPU temperature, maximum, and minimum PC temp range. No installation is required just download Real Temp, extract zip folder files, and monitor your PC temperature.

Download Real Temp latest version 3.7.0 for windows. Works with both 32bit -64 bit versions of Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP.

This CPU heat monitor is a compact and portable software utility which adds up in the system tray, so that you may keep an eye on your PC temp.

If you are worried about your system health then you must download RealTemp for Windows latest version with an offline installer.

Real Temp Download Not Necessary

There is no installation setup pack involved in this app. So, when you download Real Temp Intel CPU temperature monitor, you can drop this PC temp monitor app in any part of the hard disk. If you want to run this app simply click the executable to launch the app.

You can also save RealTemp in a flash drive and run it directly on any PC. This app does not create new entries in the Windows registry or Start menu.

Reliable PC temperature monitor

It’s not the earth that is getting hot, these days CPU overheating has also become a major problem of hardware failure. Heavy games and software only increased the chances of the high CPU temperature. This is why all PC users need to know what temp should my CPU be or how to check PC temperature on windows.

Real Temp download is the best system monitoring tool that keeps a close eye on your PC temp. It’s the best core temp gadget to monitor CPU heat regularly and let its users know if their PC is overheating or not. You can see live CPU temperature readings going up and down with this CPU monitor.

You can also run sensor benchmarks or temps tests to check CPU load or enable system tray notifications and create a log activity file.

Clean interface

This free Windows utility has a very clear user interface. In its main window, you can see temp readings. At the top, it shows the CPU model, CPU load, and CPU frequency.

At the bottom, it shows the current CPU temperature, but the most interesting feature of Real Temp is that it shows distance to TJ. Max value.

What is Tj Max CPU?

It’s an abbreviation of T junction Max which is another word used for core temp. It’s the maximum temperature value provided for Intel CPUs. If that distance decreases then you need to cool down your PC.

This temp monitor shows live readings, if the CPU temp range is high then it will ask you to take the necessary steps. You can prevent computer overheating and protect against system hardware failure by using this CPU temp monitor.

At the bottom, it shows record time, minimum, and maximum computer temperature. Through these readings, you can easily determine what should be a good CPU temp?

Easily customizable settings

Many configuration options are included in its setting. You can easily navigate them if you want. You can manually set Tj. Max value and alarm. The alarm helps you to inform in case if the CPU temp goes high. The alarm will let you know through its temperature icon.

The only drawback of this CPU temp program is that it cannot shut down the PC, in case the temperature reaches a critical limit.

This free windows utility also has a built-in option to display GPU temp. If GPU is installed in our PC and you want to check GPU temp. Then you can enable the GPU option from settings. This tool also works as a reliable GPU temp monitor and shows accurate GPU temp readings.

Final thoughts

In our experience, it proved to be a reliable CPU temp monitor. While reviewing this app, occasionally it caused a pop-up error or hangs our OS but it’s not a big issue most of the time.

Although this PC heat monitor was initially developed to monitor Intel CPU’s it has also proved to be the reliable AMD temperature monitor.

For your ease in identifying core temps, you can assign a different color to each CPU core. Show PC temp readings in both Fahrenheit and Celsius values. When minimized it adds up in system try, here you can easily see core temp by clicking on the notification bar. You should give it a try.

Real Temp Latest Version 3.7.0 Update

Support for Sandy Bridge CPUs. VID based power consumption estimates for the newer CPUs. Improved log file formatting. Added a single system tray icon that reports the maximum core temperature. RealTemp GT updated for the 6 core Sandy Bridge E CPUs. i7 Turbo GT 1.30 multiplier monitoring tool.