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Sep 10, 2022
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TinyTask is a simple, fast and free mouse automation tool. Developed by Vista software, this free auto mouse clicker for Windows is the best auto clicker for Roblox and Minecraft.

A minimalist PC automation app, Tiny Task auto clicker for Windows provides a quick and easy way to automate mouse clicks.

This useful automatic mouse clicker for Windows eliminates the need to click again and again. Quite useful in gaming, this full-fledged best auto clicker software utility is very easy to customize and has the right set of tools to automate repetitive tasks for your Windows PC.

What is the real Tiny Task?

A neat, little macro reader that can automate your mouse sequences on your PC, this smallest macro Windows automation tool helps gamers in Roblox, build structures, dig up Minecraft or traverse through the worlds of Skyrim. This simple utility program not only records and saves macros but compiles them, turning your recorded macros into executable programs.

TinyTask Roblox? What is TinyTask Roblox?

TinyTask auto clicker is a great macro recorder for Windows PC. Here’s a quick video showing TinyTask for Roblox:

Is TinyTask allowed on Roblox?

TinyTask automation program is a macro. This means that you can use it to record an action or a set of actions that you can run as many times as you want. However, Roblox doesn’t recommend auto clickers. They won’t necessarily moderate it, but Roblox has its own self-imposed rules that can ban it. So, watch out!

How do you get TinyTask on Roblox?

YouTube video explaining how to download and use TinyTask in ROBLOX/OTHER GAMES IN 2023

How to use TinyTask to perform boring, repetitive tasks?

How to stop Tinytask from playing?

You need to press the same button you did while recording on the menu bar. Alternatively, you can use the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl+Shift+Alt+R”.

Is TinyTask Safe?

TinyTask is not a virus. We tested this ourselves to look for any malicious activity. We can reassure you that this mouse recording software is safe as long as you download it via our server or through their official site.

TinyTask Mobile? Is TinyTask Available on Android?

TinyTask is a PC program. Hence, it is not available on Android.

TinyTask For Mac?

TinyTask macro creator for Windows is not available for Mac. But, there are plenty of alternatives for TinyTask, one of them being Automator which is free!

TinyTask for iOS?

TinyTask is only available for Windows operating systems. You can not use this utility software on iOS.

Download TinyTask Portable

TinyTask portable version is the same as the default .exe version so you just have to open it and you’re ready to use it. With the portable version, you will be able to carry this tiny tool on any flash drive. Just download TinyTask portable.

Tiny Task Download Old Version

Its old versions are also available to download for Windows PC. You can download 1.75 or download 1.70.

How to use TinyTask for gaming: Run as Administrator

Running TinyTask as a foreground or background app: It runs in both foreground & background, but only interacts with visible foreground apps. This is by design since it is a GUI automation tool (it works with apps), not a batch/script execution engine.


TinyTask download latest version 1.77 for Windows OS. We have tested Tiny Task on Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Vista & XP (32Bit – 64Bit) OS. We have found it clean from Malware and Viruses.

TinyTask Latest Version 1.77 Update

Removed 500 bytes in further attempts to convince scanners that TinyTask is not malware.
False positive rate dropped from 19 to 4, which is probably the best achievable result for now
Fixed potential memory bug (never reported, low probability edge case) during long recordings