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May 2, 2023
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AdLock is a cross-platform adblocking utility tool that allows users to block all invasive ads from their devices. AdLock for Windows is small but fully capable to block pop-ups, banners, and video ads, and delivers the best ad-blocking experience.

When AdLock is on, all obtrusive advertisements are off, say goodbye to online tracking, and ensure privacy and security from now. Protect yourself from fishy crypto-mining ads that ruin your devices. AdLock for android can saves mobile data and battery power on smartphones.

AdLock Download the latest version for Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, and Windows 7. Works on both 32/64Bit versions of Windows PC. Also available for Android, macOS, and iPhone.

AdLock Download Review

AdLock adblocking software can work wonders and meets all your expectations. AdLock is a cross-platform tool available for Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, Chrome Extension, and Safari Extension.

Advertisers flood the internet with invasive Ads leaving no choice for the users.

AdLock for Windows comes in handy and is a life savor that blocks all ads, flash banners, and malware, and prevents collecting your personal information. AdLock download makes your browser, apps, games, and instant messages ads-free.

How to block ads using AdLock for Windows 

Blocking advertisements on your device is very simple. All you need is to AdLock download on your Windows PC. AdLock Download for windows from the officially sourced files here. AdLock is the latest and most stable version of adblocking software

  • Download the AdLock.exe file on your PC.
  • Run the .exe file and follow the onscreen instruction. 
  • After the successful installation, it asks you to turn on AdLock. 
  • By default, it automatically prevents all ads and protects privacy online.

Customize the AdLock 

Customize the way it works for you it allows you to customize the app and grant permission to allow ads from trusted websites. Allow list disable adblocking on separate pages, or websites of your choice. You can adjust the behavior of installed apps on your Windows PC. 

You can grant permission to specific apps to show advertisements. In addition, you can enable the filter on those apps that require internet access but serve too many ads.

The Block option comes in handy that can block access to the internet for applications to serve the ads only. Turn on the Antitracking and safe browsing features to ensure maximum security and privacy protection.

In the settings, you can find the Ad filter option that handles and applies a set of rules for commercial content.

Ensures Privacy Protection

A game-changer tool for those who hate viewing ads on Windows, or get tracked by advertising companies. 

It performs systemwide and blocks all types of obnoxious pop-ups, banners, and autoplay video ads(YouTube, Facebook), flashing banners, and text ads, on all modern web browsers (Google Chrome, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox) and apps (Skype, KMPlayer, uTorrent).

Safe web browsing ensures protection against phishing, malware, and malicious ads. The powerful defender module checks URLs of suspicious sites before you click them and warns about the possibility of the device getting infected.

AdLock Speeds up the website loading time by disabling the Ads codes and removes both ads and their placeholders. Disabling makes the webpage look nice and clean and improves the overall browsing experience.  

How much does Adblocker cost?

Among the three subscription plans, the 5year plan offers the best discount: Save up to 57% and get as low as $1.5 a month on 5 Year plan with 5 devices. The one-year deal costs $2.94 per month, billed as $35.28 each year. There is also the one-month plan, which costs $3.50 per month.

Is AdLock free and safe?

AdLock guards your safe and ad-free web experience. It effectively blocks all the ads on websites, video streaming services (eg. YouTube, Crunchyroll), social networks, etc. You will no longer see any banners, pop-ups or pop-unders, video ads, or autoplay ads.

Is AdLock for Windows free?

Yes, Adblocker for windows is available for free for 14 days. Subscribing to a newsletter allows you to get a month of usage for free.

AdLock Latest Version Update

Updated to the latest version on May 2, 2023