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Le Minh Thanh
Sep 02, 2020
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LMT Anti-logger steps up the protection and security of your PC to an extensive level of degree and soups up the privacy of your computer. It is a monitoring application designed to guard PCs against computer crimes and prevent attempts to record and steal private information and block any suspicious activity. This includes all sets of threats like viruses/Trojans, keyloggers, screen loggers, and webcam loggers.

Download LMT Anti Logger’s latest version for Windows PC. This offline installer setup of LMT Anti Logger will work for both 32-bit or 64-bit versions of Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP & macOS.

Download LMT Anti Logger for Windows 7 & 10 PC 2022

The program combats against the harmful viruses/Trojans and these suspicious – typically covert activities. It sweeps off all these emerging threats and blocks keyloggers, clipboard loggers, screen loggers, and webcam loggers, providing real-time protection.

While it also makes certain that your passwords are safe from keyloggers, it is something that we need to look over, and seriously it is something that we should focus on –  privacy. That’s what LMT Anti Logger offers.

Artificial Intelligence

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, By using Machine Learning, the software can detect the latest threats. Artificial Intelligence can help detect newer and unknown malware. The Al model consists of Dataset nearly 4 TB, including 199970 .exe files and overall accuracy: 98.83%.

Multiple Cloud AV

Using databases from Virustotal, increasing the detection rate of malicious software

Detect the Suspicious Software’s

LMT Anti Logger finds and detects software programs that behave similarly to key loggers or malicious software programs. This helps the user know when his computer is at stake.

Online Shopping Made Secure

Shopping’s made secure. Your browser will open in a special and secure environment. As a result, you can execute online transactions without worrying about data theft.

Remain Secure Online

LMT Anti logger protects the browser passwords and helps you notify when software tries to steal the browser password. It further strengthens and guards the DNS against Internet criminals who create false DNS records, redirecting the users into visiting fake websites, and downloading malicious software or maybe – worse.

Second Line Defense

Prior to LMT Anti logger, make use of an antivirus. With that done, LMT will then be used as s second layer of defense. With protection guaranteed, LMT also uses AI to increase malware detection. Your computer registry entries, microphone, folder are all safe at the hands of this go-to protection software. With this, you can enable the Firewall so you can put yourself on guard whenever an unauthorized or untrusted program tries to access the Internet.

LMT Anti Logger Latest Version 4.4 Update

-Improved Realtime Protection. Now it can work like other AV software, LMT Anti Logger scans files before they are executed and can deny execution in case of malware.