Elden Ring Cheat Engine 1.4.0 (1.09)
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An ultimate cheat table to modify Elden Ring in-game data.
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June 14, 2023
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1.4.0 (1.09)
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Do you want to create custom magic, spawn boss fights, or simply want to edit the world around you? Then download Elden Ring cheat engine that lets you add every single Item in the game. The Elden Ring CT is a script that changes the game’s memory giving you the freedom to add unlimited items.

The latest version of Elden Ring cheat engine supports the game version 1.4.0. The current Elden Ring Cheat Table (.CT) requires Cheat Engine 7.4 or later to be used in conjunction with Elden Ring to allow modifying of in-game data without running internal mods.

How To Download & Use Elden Ring Cheat Engine

Follow these Steps in order to efficiently use this cheat table in Elden Ring.

  • Download and install Cheat Engine from our website.
  • Download the Cheat Table
  • Unpack the .CT file anywhere, a recommendation would be your My Cheat Tables folder (e.g. %USERPROFILE%\Documents\My Cheat Tables)
  • Open the .CT file (double-click or select and enter)

This cheat table was only made with offline play do not use them during online matches. It’s because Easy Anti-Cheat is implemented into Elden Ring so you will be banned for it using it.

How To Disable Easy Anti-Cheat in ER?

Method 1. Disabling EasyAntiCheat (offline mode only)

For offline players, this step is recommended. For Elden Ring online players disabling EasyAntiCheat will not update the game when a new update arrives. You end up playing the previous version with inconsistent data.

Note: Be sure to repeat this method on every game update

Follow these steps;

  1. Navigate to Elden Ring Directory (..\SteamApps\common\ELDEN RING\Game)
  2. Copy eldenring.exe, and paste the copy within the directory.
  3. Delete, Move, or Rename start_protected_game.exe to start_protected_game.old.
  4. Rename the copy of eldinring.exe to start_protected_game.exe.
  5. Start the game via Steam.

Method 2. Recommended

Make sure you have extensions visible before using this method

  1. Navigate to Elden Ring Directory (..\SteamApps\common\ELDEN RING\Game)
  2. Create a new txt file named steam_appid.txt in the current directory.
  3. Edit the text file and insert the appid “1245620”.
  4. Save the file.
  5. Start directly eldenring.exe via the current directory instead of steam.

Method 3. Download Mod To Play Game Offline

  1. Download LukeYui’s Offline Launcher from Nexusmods
  2. Locate your Elden Ring folder (e.g. C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Elden Ring\Game)
  3. Move the downloaded .exe file into the same folder as your Elden Ring executable (eldenring.exe)
  4. Run the game via the offline launcher

Elden Ring Cheat Engine Features

Some features that have been newly introduced in this latest version are:

  • ItemGib/GigaGib add all/specific Items
  • StatMultiplier
  • WorldFlags
  • Character Data
  • UnlockAllGestures
  • Scripts
  • ParamPatcher
  • Edit Weapons
  • Edit Armor
  • Edit Attacks/Bullets
  • Edit Effects
  • Edit NPCs and Spirit Summons (Summon Bosses as Summons)
  • Make your own Magic
  • NPC Manager
  • Display Target´s Status
  • Teleport
  • NoClip
  • FreeCam
  • Force TP
  • Edit your own Stats and LVL
  • Death Num in GameData
  • Char flags No Hit, No Attack, No Move, No Update for NPC helpers and hero header
  • Length played pointers for current animation
  • Debug Stuff > GAME > LOCK_TGT_MAN
  • game_title var
  • address_version function to throw an error for incompatible scripts that rely on addresses
  • Get Param List as table script (intended as an example)
  • inArray lua function to check if an item is inside a specified array
  • Kill all mobs script


Why Cheat Engine Table in Elden Ring Not Working?

In case you are unable to use the feature of Elden Ring cheat table it’s because of an outdated, pirated, modified, or otherwise invalid copy of the game. If you are running mods along with this table then you may get incorrect results after using this cheat table. Please ensure if you wish all data to function that you run the game clean without mods.

Does Cheat Engine Work on Elden Ring

Yes, the cheat engine table works in Elden Ring offline gameplay. All you need is to download Cheat Engine (7.2 or later) to be used in conjunction with Elden Ring to allow the modification.

Does Elden Ring Cheat Engine Ban Users?

You should never use Elden Ring cheat table online because you will most likely be banned if you attempt to do so.

Using cheat tables in online sessions annoys players, and you may get unwanted attention. You will end up caught for malicious use of the game getting yourself banned from private or public communities of Monster Hunter, use at your own risk!

Elden Ring Cheat Engine Latest Version 1.4.0 (1.09) Update

Current Animation pointers changed for NPC helpers and player
Renamed and moved some headers for consistency with the Dark Souls III table
Free Camera script now uses the address_version function
Tools in Param Mods now disable themselves after activation
Fix Last Hit Npc Info
Fix animation header for NPC helpers