Kiddions Mod Menu GTA 5 0.9.10
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Best undetected and free GTA Online mod menu.
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July 06, 2023
Windows PC + GTA 5
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Kiddions Mod Menu is a free & undeteted external mod menu for GTA 5 Online. It can make the GTA’s grind much easier by giving you access to multiple options that help with the game’s progression.

It is one of the most popular mod menus available for GTA 5, mainly because it is free as opposed to the competition. Yet still it contains all the features that are found in its paid competition.

Kiddions Mod Menu 2024 is available for free on Windows PCs only. The only way we recommend using it is in your solo sessions. Using this mod menu in multiplayer mode can ruin the fun for other players.

How to Download & Install Kiddions Mod Menu

Kiddions Mod Menu download is available at the top of this page. Once you have it downloaded follow the steps below:

Step 1: Extract the downloaded zip archive anywhere.

Step 2: That’s it! You can now launch it via the exe (executable) file you extracted (No other setup is required).

How to Use Kiddions Mod Menu

Here’s a short tutorial on how to get started:

Step 1: Start GTA 5 (preferably in single-player mode).

Step 2: Once in-game, start the mod via the exe file.

Step 3: The mod menu will open up in the game.

Step 4: To browse and select options in the menu take a look at the controls below.

Kiddions Mod Menu Controls & Keybinds

In-Game Keybind/ControlKeybind Function
F5Open/Close menu
Numpad 0Go back
Numpad 8 / Numpad 2Navigate up/Down
Numpad 4 / Numpad 6Forward/Back and Increase/Decrease
Numpad 5Select/Click (Acts as the Enter key)

Kiddions Mod Menu Scripts

Kiddions can also run scripts, which is a great option for many players looking to make full use of this mod menu but finding these scripts can be difficult.

Don’t worry as we have the Kiddions Official Discord Server which contains plenty of these scripts. Join this server then scroll down to the “Lua Scripts” channel/thread and select whichever you want to run.


If you’re interested in a more premium (paid) option then we recommend giving Stand Mod Menu a try. It has many tiers available for purchase and also offers a free version for single-player mode.


Is Kiddions Mod Menu safe?

Our testing and scans have shown that this app is completely free to use.

How to open & close the Kiddions menu?

To open the in-game menu press the F5 button once you’re in-game. The same button will also close it.

Kiddions Mod Menu GTA 5 Latest Version 0.9.10 Update


modest-menu v0.9.10 - July 6, 2023
- Updated for GTA5 1.0.2944.0
- Added Mercenaries DLC unlocks