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Oct 24, 2023
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Stand Mod Menu for GTA 5 is a highly customizable and popular mod menu. It is known in the GTA modding community as one of the most reliable and trusted mod menus with a wide range of features. These features include God Mode, Never Wanted, Infinite Ammo, Spawn Vehicles, Teleportation, Kick Players, Crash Players, Spawn Objects, Change Weather, Run Lua Scripts, and so much more.

A free version of Stand Mod Menu download is available on Windows PCs but the downside is that it is limited to GTA 5’s Story Mode. Premium tiers like Basic, Regular, and Ultimate include offer many more features and also work in GTA Online.

Buying the premium version also grants you access to Stand Mod Menu Discord. To do this you can head on over to their official website and purchase the paid version. While entering the information you’ll be asked to enter your Discord Username on which you’ll receive an invite. So make sure you enter it correctly without any spelling errors.

How to Download & Install Stand Mod Menu

Here’s how you can download and install this mod in a few quick steps:

Step 1: Download the free version from the top of this page. An exe file will be downloaded.

Step 2: Launch this launchpad exe file and let it download the required files.

Step 3: Once that is complete, it will start automatically.

How to Use Stand Mod Menu

Here’s how you can use this mod in GTA 5:

Step 1: Launch it via the Launchpad exe file.

Step 2: Select the platform you own GTA 5 on Steam, Epic Games, or Rockstar Games.

Step 3: Now put a check next to “Automatically inject when game starts” and press Launch.

Step 4: Once in-game open the mod menu by pressing F4.

To browse the menu in-game use the following keys:

In-Game Keybind/ControlKeybind Function
F4Open/Close Menu
Right Shift/Right CTRLMove Up/Down Main Categories
↑ ← ↓ →Browse Each Category

Stand Mod Menu Basic Vs Regular Vs Ultimate

If you’re wondering which version you should buy then we recommend getting the Regular edition. It has almost all the options and features you’ll need from the Ultimate Edition. The only option it is missing is Automatically Kick Host Upon Joining Server but is much cheaper and you can always perform the function manually with the menu.

The Basic version lacks many features that we are sure you’ll need. So for the best value for your money get the regular version.

Stand Mod Menu Lua Scripts

This menu can also run Lua Scripts, there is a built-in script repository from where you can browse and select the mod you want to run. If that isn’t enough then a quick Google search should help you find plenty of custom Lua Scripts for this menu.


How to open the Stand Mod Menu?

You can open the menu once in-game by pressing F4. The same button also closes the menu.

Is Stand Mod Menu safe?

Yes, this mod is completely safe to use. Our tests and scans show no presence of any virus or malware.

Stand Mod Menu Latest Version 109.3 Update

- Improved protections
- Some other improvements and bugfixes