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Setup a custom load order for your mods with LOOT
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Nov 05, 2023
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Load Order Optimization Tool (LOOT) is a community-developed program that lets modders organize the load order for installed mods for Bethesda games. It provides an automated load order sorting feature that accounts for the compatibility and requirements of each mod. This ensures that no conflicts arise due to plugins loading before the mods they were installed for which causes the game to crash.

LOOT Supported Games

  • Starfield
  • TES III: Morrowind
  • TES IV: Oblivion
  • TES V: Skyrim (Legendary/Special/VR)
  • Fallout 3
  • Fallout: New Vegas
  • Fallout 4 & VR
  • Enderal Forgotten Stories (LE & SE)

How to Download & Install LOOT

LOOT download & installation is fairly simple, a small guide to the installation process is given below:

Download Installer > Launch Installer > Select Setup Language > Select Installation Location (Do not select Programs Files/Program Files x86) > Start Installation > Finish.

How to Integrate LOOT into Mod Managers & How to Use It

It can be integrated into both Vortex and MO2 mod managers. Once it has been integrated you can start using it. To begin with both these processes see the video guide attached below the changelog.

LOOT Mod Organizer Latest Version 0.22.1 Update

Fixed - The “Hide Creation Club plugins” filter had no effect on Linux.
 Changed - Sorting has been disabled for Starfield. Due to the way that Starfield plugins make changes to existing data, LOOT cannot reliably detect when two plugins change the same record, so sorting may not function as intended. - The new plugin type and plugin header flag introduced by Starfield that was previously referred to as the “override” plugin type and flag is now referred to as the “overlay” plugin type and flag for consistency with xEdit, Wrye Bash and Mod Organizer 2. - The “Show only conflicting plugins for” filter has been renamed to “Show only overlapping plugins for” for clarity and consistency with other LOOT functionality.