Fractal Mapper 8 Download for Windows 11/10

Fantasy map making software for gamers and authors!

Fractal Mapper for windows is a small tool that allows gamers to create a wide variety of maps – continents, cities, dungeons, and much more. Fractal Mapper 8 drawing tools have the capability of making realistic coastlines, rivers, and caverns.

You can individually select, move, rotate or edit objects on your map. In addition, gamers can place square or hex grids of any size on their map with or without grid numbering.

The program has optimized support for .PNG images as mapping symbols. The program also lets you store your notes right on your map and print out scenario listings.

Thanks to its scripting interface it allows gamers to create a new program that features custom drawing tools using VBscript. Fractal World Explorer add-ons let you edit stunning 3d shaded relief maps, and FWE allows you to edit precipitation and temperature to create glaciers and deserts.

Fractal Mapper Download

Fractal Mapper
Latest Version 8 for Windows

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