GameSave Manager 3.1.517.0
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Easily Creates your backup, restores, and even transfers your gamesaves to other computers, so you can resume your game.
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July 17, 2022
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GameSave Manager for Windows is a simple program that easily creates a backup, and restores, and transfers your game save. No longer, do you need to manually track through all those different directories to backup/restore/transfer your gamesaves, making it great for those who like to share gamesave progress with friends/family, format frequently, paranoid about data loss, etc?

Any game lover that plays PC games knows the importance of having the progress saved periodically. GameSave Manager can save a lot of time when you need to resume the game at a certain point.

If you are not using an online backup feature like the ones featured by Steam or Origin, you need to manually copy the saved files to a secure location. Although copying some files seems like an easy task, locating the files is usually a complicated process since not all games keep the files in the same location.

Download and install GameSave Manager for windows and wait for the program to scan all installed games in the list. Next, select the option to “Make a backup copy” in the list that opens with the installed games, and choose which game savings you would like to back up.

The program has an option to automate the process by scheduling backup tasks at a time interval. During the configuration, you can specify a game or copy all the saved files.
A useful feature is the Steam integration which allows you to distribute game files on multiple hard drive partitions.

This tool allows you to easily locate the files by using an extensive database that includes most of the available games.

GameSave Manager can store the files in your Dropbox, Google Drive, or SkyDrive account. It also supports FTP servers in order to back up your saves on a private server.

GameSave Manager Latest Version 3.1.517.0 Update

  • FIXED: Detection issue when using the %STEAM% variable while targeting files outside of '..\steamapps\common\..'
  • FIXED: Detection issue with IsUninst.exe registry values
  • FIXED: Detection issue with registry keys using the trademark symbol
  • Updated 7zip assemblies (from 22.0 to 22.01)