Corsair iCUE 4.31.168
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Synchronize RGB lighting across all their compatible Corsair products
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Jun 12, 2022
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Windows 11, 10, 7 (32/64-bit PC)
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Corsair iCUE is one of the best programs designed to use for creating RAM modules. In recent years, Corsair iCUE is the leading tool for installing RBG lighting in all kinds of electronic devices in the gaming industry.

Corsair iCUE allows you to customize virtually all aspects of their appearance and functionality. It gives you a complete application that lets you manage every device you have.

Corsair iCue For Windows 11, 10 & 7

As soon as Corsair launched in the gaming industry, it is gaining a lot of popularity every single day. Corsair is famous for designing computer hardware devices specifically for gamers, such as gaming mice, gaming keyboards, mousepads, and gaming headsets.

Along with all these gaming tools, Corsair Utility Engine – iCUE is designed to manage all the devices connected to your PC from one location by creating profiles for them. Instead of changing the settings of each device, you can quickly select the preset of that device using iCUE.

Here you can free download iCUE – the new Unified Corsair Utility Engine application. You get to use options like configuring both the lighting portions of your keyboard and mouse as well as create powerful actions such as double macros, re-mappable key assignments, timer countdowns, dpi adjustments, and more.

Helpful Configuration Options

This utility offers so many advanced customization options. For example, when you’re configuring your macros, the utility will record things like clicks, keys pressed, scrolling, mouse movement, and delays.

With iCUE, virtually any type of lighting effect can be created. This is a big reason that people select this device to use. To simplify things, the advanced mode should be disabled. There are many popular effects to choose from which have fewer customization choices.

Several DPI ranges may be established for your mouse. As for your Corsair headset, the application gives you the ability to create equalizer presets for it. You can also manage them too with the application.

iCUE also known as Corsair Utility Engine is one of the best peripheral management tools available in the gaming industry. Even newbies will have an easy time accessing and using it.

The utility gives you so many customization choices for your devices, such as control over their look and behavior. And if you want to find your way around without much effort, then you’ll love its GUI feature.

Corsair iCUE Latest Version 4.31.168 Update

Added Terra Invicta, Grid Force, Overloop, Thymesia, and Sweet.
Transit gaming profiles for iCUE game integration support.
iCUE will no longer crash after the system (with Armoury Crate installed) wakes from sleep.
Forcing firmware updates in Settings will no longer cause a device to lose its connection with iCUE.
CPUID SDK has been updated to the latest version.
NVIDIA Broadcast SDK has been updated to support the latest generation of GeForce GPUs.
Resolved a detection issue with ASUS GPUs with Aura support.
Using search for the Lighting Library will no longer cause issues.
Color picker values are no longer off by 1 R/G/B value.