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Good value for money but stingy with its privacy features and needs to undergo public third-party audits.
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A virtual private network (or VPN) encrypts all your internet traffic and sends it off to a remote server controlled by the VPN company. Once you download the best VPN for Windows, you protect your online activity from your ISP and and cyber threats that latch on every time you go on web. IPVanish, a US-based VPN service is one of the surviving contenders among the best VPNs and offers the best-value for its subscription allowing subscribers to use as many devices as they want at the same time.

Although, not a free VPN provider, its high cost is kind of justified with its widespread array of servers across the globe, multi-hop connections, high-speed WireGuard tunneling protocol, a large fleet of servers, unblocks Netflix and works with various torrenting clients. Moreso, you’ll appreciate the freedom and flexibility of IPVanish, which doesn’t restrict BitTorrent at all – plus, the SOCKS5 proxy wich will come in handy if you’re a torrenting fan.

While its interface is easy to use, it’s neither modern nor particularly pleasant to use. More concerning is that the service does not offer the depth of privacy features and raises eyebrows for the fact that it has yet to release a third-party audit to validate its privacy practices. IPVanish app for Windows PC does not offer browser plugins, as many competitors do. It does, however, support an app for Amazon Fire TV and IPVanish for Firestick.

Does IPVanish have a free trial? Is IPVanish free?

IPVanish app offers a seven-day free trial to new iOS users. With IPVanish download for Android, subscribers can sign up to an annual plan. You can use IPVanish download for Windows 10/11 for free on all your devices by using its risk-free 30-day refund guarantee. After IPVanish download for Windows 10, you can setup and login to your VPN on PC.

How Much Does IPVanish VPN Cost?

Compared to the average price of $9.90 per month, IPVanish VPN’s subscription costs $10.99 per month. This puts it on the pricier spectrum, followed by NordVPN for $11.99/mo and ExpressVPN for $12.95 per month. These three best VPNs are also the most expensive VPN we’ve yet reviewed.

Far too expensive for our list of the best cheap VPNs, Mullvad VPN asks a generous 5 euros per month or $5.50 (at the time of writing). Anyways, you are going to save a few bucks if you opt for the $53.99 per year with IPVanish for Windows PC, which is significantly less than the $66.28 average we’ve seen when reviewing other VPNs. However, that price jumps to $89.99 for the second year and all years after.

If IPVanish subscription is too rich for your blood, there are numerous cheap VPNs and even a few worthy free VPNs to consider. TunnelBear VPN is free but restricts the amount of data to 500MB per month. However, you can access all of its global server network albeit to Proton VPN that does not impose data restrictions on free users.

IPVanish Download for Windows (64-bit/32-bit)

What Do You Get for Your Money?

When you download IPVanish for Windows 10/11 PC, you can you can use the service on as many devices as you want, making it a good value for a household with numerous devices. This move follows a trend we’ve seen in the industry that places no limit on simultaneous connections, including Atlas VPN, Avira Phantom VPN, TunnelBear VPN and the best VPNs like Surfshark VPN.

Note: IPVanish is available on devices running Windows, macOs, Linux, and Chrome OS, along with tablets and mobile devices using android and iOS. It can also be installed on routers for even more coverage.

With IPVanish VPN download for Windows, you can use it for torrenting and P2P capabilities. The service doesn’t offer specialized torrenting servers, but works without problems. There’s also a free SOCKS5 proxy. This server is great for those who seek to maintain great speeds but at the same time, they want to be secure and have online privacy.

IPVanish company does not offer multi-hop connections, nor does it provide access to the Tor anonymization network via VPN, a feature that is inculcated in NordVPN for Windows. Split tunneling on the other hand lets you decide which apps and websites use the VPN connection and which can travel in the clear. IPVanish VPN download does offer split tunneling, but only on Android devices. Notably, NordVPN and ProtonVPN offer multi-hop, access to Tor, and split tunneling.

We see that other VPN companies offer extra-cost add-ons to your base subscription. NordVPN, for example, offers private, static IP addresses which is a handy feature when you find your VPN connection blocked. However, Surfshark does offer you its static servers for free, one caveat of using static IP server for free is that it gets shared with everyone else using the same server. IPVanish does not offer additional services.

Some VPNs have gone to great lengths to offering digital tools like password managers, like Remembear, and encrypted file lockers, like NordLocker. Hotspot Shield comes with a Pango account that grants access to other privacy-protecting services for free. IPVanish download for PC does offer backup space and syncing through SugarSync and LiveDrive. It also offers anti-virus protection and anti-tracking tools through Vipre antivirus subscription add-ons.

What VPN Protocols Does IPVanish VPN Offer?

OpenVPN is open-source and therefore examined by volunteers for potential vulnerabilities. The open-source VPN heir apparent is WireGuard, which uses newer technology performs even better. IPVanish VPN download for Window supports OpenVPN and WireGuard on all platforms. Additionally, the iOS app supports the IKEv2 protocol, which is also excellent. It supports OpenVPN on all platforms except for iOS. IPSec is available only on iOS and macOS.

IPVanish VPN’s Servers and Server Locations

A huge fleet of servers allows avoiding traffic congestion on respective nodes. It means that your speeds will suffer less if the user base is evenly spread across the globe.

In this regard, IPVanish download for PC has around 2000 servers in 52 countries. The country amount is above the average but slightly lower than ExpressVPN’s collection of 94 countries. Like CyberGhost VPN, it’s considerate to see that IPVanish VPN for PC has multiple server locations in Africa and South America, two regions frequently ignored by other VPN services. IPVanish download for Windows PC does not, however, offer servers in regions with repressive internet restrictions, such as China, Turkey, or Russia.

Some VPNs, such as NordVPN and ExpressVPN use diskless or RAM-only servers, which are resistant to physical tampering. A way round this is that VPN companies purchase more servers to own their physical infrastructure. IPVanish VPN for Windows, for example owns and manages 80% of its infrastructure, and it does not use diskless servers but are fully encrypted to protect user integrity.

Your Privacy With IPVanish VPN

When you use a VPN, they have as much insight into your internet activity as your ISP. That’s why the best VPNs never collect such information keep to profit from it. IPVanish claims that they do not store or keep any logs of user activity and does not profit from your data.

The VPN company says that it doesn’t log connection times but collects total session duration. But, these claims are not backed up or clarified in the policy.

Since the VPN provider owns 80% of its server hardware, it has made efforts to prevent unauthorized access to its infrastructure, such as full disk encryption, deploying two-factor authentication internally, and requiring approval from multiple individuals for code changes. That’s why we see several companies like ExpressVPN and NordVPN to transition to RAM-only servers, which are resistant to tampering.

VPN companies like NordVPN, TunnelBear VPN, Surfshark VPN and ExpressVPN have started releasing the results of commissioned audits. NordVPN had its no-log policy audited, and TunnelBear has committed to releasing annual audits of its service. IPVanish has not undergone a third-party audit – unfortunately! Audits or reports are not the only thing that determine a “best VPN” or guarantee its quality, however, they are imperfect tools, that marks a VPN safe, legit and reliable.

IPVanish download for Chrome

The IPVanish app Chrome VPN is a virtual private network app for the Chrome operating system. You can still use IPVanish login with your Chrome browser, even if you don’t use Chrome OS. To do so, simply download the IPVanish VPN app on your operating system of choice, then connect to IPVanish VPN before you begin surfing the web with Chrome.

IPVanish vs. NordVPN: which service to choose?

Server locations
Ease of use
Customer support

When we compare NordVPN vs. IPVanish, Nord lost only in the pricing category. Meanwhile, this VPN managed to race up in P2P, server locations and customer support. With WireGuard, IPVanish one of the fastest VPNs out there – but it’s still not enough to take out NordVPN. NordVPN is just faster, more secure, offers a better streaming experience, and has the upper hand in compatibility and ease of use.

IPVanish vs Surfshark – which one wins?

Server locations
Ease of use
Customer support

To sum up, Surfshark VPN for Windows is a much better optiono than IPVanish. Surfshark is better at speeds, is not stingy in its features, and the streaming options covered all the popular platforms.

However, while IPVanish VPN download for PC did put up a good fight, it still couldn’t catch up against Surfshark. Yes, IPVanish is a reliable and speedy VPN provider and performed really well in terms of speeds and protection, NordVPN just knocked it out of the way with a variety of great privacy features that makes the NordVPN’s cost justified.