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3 Oct, 2021
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Install Custom Mods For Gorilla Tag

Monke Mod Manager for Gorilla Tag is a free mod installer that lets you download and add customized items i.e. Skins and Maps. This program can install custom mods into Gorilla Tag automatically and can also be rerun to update the mods you installed in the popular virtual reality gameDeadly Kitten Monke Mod Manager for PC also notifies you of any updates. Moreover, the process of updating a mod is also as easy as tapping the necessary button.

Monke Mod Manager download for Quest 2, Discord, and Chromebook on Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7.

Gorilla Tag is an indie game where players run away from an infected gamer and try to survive until the end. While there are maps already included, they can become repetitive after a while. Content creators bring new life to it by making mods for it, such as maps, skins, and new items.

Installing mods with Monke Mod Manager is quite easy. Click on the download button and get a clean copy on your PC. Install it and double-click on monkey mod manager.exe to run it. If you have installed this mod in the same directory where you already have Gorilla Tag then it should automatically fill in that folder.

On the other hand, if you installed Gorilla Tag on a different drive, the app will ask you to select the Gorilla Tag exe file from your installation folder. Once done, you can proceed to select any mods that are listed by checking their corresponding boxes.

Do not uncheck the BepInEx option as this is the modloader for Gorilla Tag. Once you get to use monkey mod manager you can update the mods using this app. To do so, you only have to select the mod again and tap the Install/Update button.

If you want a Monkey Mod Manager tutorial, you can learn more about the mod you installed by tapping the View Mod Info button.

If the Monkey Mod Manager not working on your VR games then don’t worry this app is prone to crashing. Just restart the app and it will work fine.

Is Monke Mod Manager Safe?

This free mod for Gorilla Tag is must have utility because it won’t bore you by offering more maps and items. The installation process is safe. You can only download those custom mods that are safe for your PC and game. The only issue is the crashing while installing mods.

How to Uninstall Monke Mod Manager

If you want to manually uninstall monkeymodmanager from Steam;

  • Open Steam and hover over Community > Workshops.
  • Scroll down and click on Your Files under your username.
  • Click on Subscribed items.
  • Here you can see a list of all the installed Mods.
  • Simply click on Unsubscribed to remove the Mod from Steam.

Sometimes files still remain after removing the mod for that click on Library and find the game and go into its Properties. Click on Local Files > Browse Local files. Now locate the Mod folder to manually uninstall mods from Gorilla Tag.

Monke Mod Manager Latest Version 1.3.0 Update

Updated to pull mod info from MonkeModInfo instead of using the GitHub API.
Added button to disable mods from loading Fixed issue where malformed zips would break installation