EA Origin Download Client for Windows 10 & 7 PC

All-in-One Ea Client Download to Play All the Games Developed By EA

EA Origin software is a games download manager and subscription tool that helps you to easily download, buy and play all the EA games within one window.

EA Origin gaming client for PC is an advanced gaming tool that is required to play all EA games online e.g. Battlefield, FIFA, Mass Effect, Dead Space, Dragon Age, Army of Two, Titanfall, and The Sims.

Here you will find the direct link for EA Origin Client Download latest version 10.5.106 for Windows PC. This offline installer setup will work with both 32bit & 64bit versions of Windows 7 or Windows 10. Click to get Ea client Download the latest version 2021 for your PC now.

Origin Download for Windows 10 & Mac PC

Download EA Origin Windows 10 PC Client – All-in-One Gaming Solution for EA Games

Origin client is a gaming service specially designed by Electronic Arts (EA Games) for Windows and Mac computers. EA Origin gaming solution software gives you access to a wide range of EA games.

Since all the ea games are subscription-based, so you will need to download Origin PC and create an account for signing up.

Once you sign up with origin games, you can play all the games you have purchased from EA games in one window without installing them separately on your PC.

By using origin you can also live-stream your gameplays on steam gaming network without using any other screen recording software.

Origin client download still isn’t a major site like Steam, but if EA keeps launching exclusive games on Origin, it’ll grow day by day.

Play Games Anytime On Any PC

Once you have installed the Origin on your PC, you don’t have to worry about disks getting scratched or lost. With the Origin software, you can play all your favorite games developed by EA anytime, anywhere on any PC.

All you need to do is download Origin, Install it on any PC and login with your username, and get instant access to all the games you’ve ever purchased.

However, you’ll have to upload games to the cloud storage, if you want to access all of your games from your phone or any other PC,

Makes Games Downloading Fast & Easy

You need to have enough time and free disk space to download or purchase your favorite games directly from EA game’s official site.

Using Origin software you can begin playing games before they’re completely downloaded. Since the games get downloaded directly to your computer, you can continue playing them even when you’re offline.

One place for all your games

Origin easy-to-use download manager acts as a central place to download all games in a single place. Download and manage all free and paid games with one software.

Shopping Made Easy

If you are using origin client on your PC, you’ll never have to wait to buy a new game by paying an extra shipping charge. You will get an instant discount when purchasing new games from EA officials.

Pre-Load Latest Games

You can download or purchase any new game days before they’re released so that you can start playing immediately on launch day.


Game patches now download and install automatically, providing you with the best possible experience every time you play.

Is Origin free?

No, Origin is a subscription-based gaming platform created by Electronic Arts to get easy access to all the games and services by EA games.

Once you download and install the application on your Windows or Mac PC, you will get a free trial period to decide whether you wish to continue with the subscription or cancel.

Should I download Origin EA Client?

If you’re a fan of famous EA games, like Need for Speed, Battlefields, and FIFA, you should download Origin. This is gaming platform gives you uninterrupted access to your favorite games.

Is there any better alternative to Origin?

No, not really, If you want to play EA games only? Origin is specially designed to play all the games developed by Electronic Arts. However, if you want to play any game from the other developer you can simply download steam and gameloop for free.

Download Origin Software

EA Origin Software
10.5.106 Offline installer For PC

4.7 (7)

🛡️ Safe & Secure

Download Specs

  • License: Free
  • Platform: Windows OS
  • Language: English
  • File Size: 60.71 MB
  • Downloads: 33,401
  • Developer: EA Games

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