Steam Achievement Manager 7.0.25
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A free app to manage all your popular Steam game achievements.
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Rick Gibbed
May 25, 2019
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A free app to manage all your popular Steam game achievements.

Steam Achievement Manager (SAM) is a lightweight gaming tool that lets you manually manage all your achievements on Steam. What is Steam Achievements Manager? If you love to play CSGO, Spacewar, or any other game like a pro and you want to manage your trophies then this tool is a perfect choice. With Achievement Manager for Steam, you can add or get rid of any achievements in the games you have in your library.

Download Steam Achievement Manager latest version 7.0.25 for Windows PC, Mac, and Linux. Here you can get the latest version as available on GitHub. You download the SAM offline installer for both Windows 32-bit and 64-bit OS.

How to use Steam Achievement Manager in CSGO or Spacewar? Once you install the Achievement Manager Steam run it. This app is very easy and safe to use. Just run the program with Steam open in the background, wait a few seconds for all the games in your collection to load, and select any one of them. Then, you can scroll through your list of games, or if you prefer, directly enter the name of the game you want to modify.

The only requirement for running this app is the presence of NET Framework 3.5 which does not come bundled with this app.

The Achievements Manager for Steam can easily track the achievements players have collected in their Steam games. This app also has a unique capability that enables users to alter achievements for any game they want. Built from the ground up to be as easy for users as possible, this application features tools for easy discovery of games you own and even easier access to achievement listing and manipulation.

Steam Achievement Manager Not Working – What To Do

There may be a problem with the server being down. If the SAM is not working then try this step.

Go to > Search for the game and copy the app ID > Enter app ID in SAM > Tap on Add game > Select the achievement you want.

All these achievements will show inside the game on Steam. Steam Achievement Manager Not Working issue will be fixed.

Is Steam Achievement Manager Safe?

There are no legal issues whatsoever in using this app. Developers took this avenue because they didn’t want users profiting or receiving in-game items that weren’t earned legitimately.

Does Steam Achievement Manager Ban Users?

Another major concern for Steam users is that can they get banned for using Steam Achievement Manager. Steam doesn’t ban you if you are using SAM. The only stack holders that may care are the game developers. Payday2 and Dead By Daylight are more active in banning users if they unlock a lot of Achievements.

Steam Achievement Manager Latest Version 7.0.25 Update

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