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July 23, 2023
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tModLoader (tML) is a free modding tool to mod Terraria game. It’s a standalone program that you can download with or without Steam. tModLoader is used to download mods, receive updates to mods if there are any, or upload one’s own mods to the Mod Browser. If you are going to download tModLoader for Terraria then make sure to use tML with the latest Terraria version installed

How To Download & Instal the latest tModLoader Via Steam?

Step 1: To install tModLoader on Steam, you need to own Terraria on Steam.

Step 2: Then open this link to install tModLoader.

Step 3: The tModLoader installation will exist alongside the vanilla installation, allowing you to play both vanilla and modded without the hassle of reinstalling vanilla.

How To Download & Instal the tModLoader Via Without Steam?

For those not using the Steam version, or who wish to install an older version of tModLoader (this will replace the version currently installed).

Step 1: Go to the download page and download the latest version.

Step 2: Unzip the contents of the zip to a folder named tModLoader (e.g. tModLoader1.4) either next to or nested inside the Terraria install folder.

Step 3: On Terraria 1.4 version if the folder contains a Build folder, you will need to remove this intermediate folder and bring the contents up one level.

How to Uninstall tModLoader?

Step 1: Open Steam, go to your game library section, and locate Terraria.

Step 2: Let Steam verify the integrity of game files for Terraria, this will reconfigure your game files to run vanilla.

Step 3: Done. You can launch Terraria as usual.

If you use GOG, simply delete the tModLoader folder you made before. Your worlds and players will be saved.

Where To Locate Terraria Files?

Here is an easy way to find where your Terraria files are located: (video example)

Step 1: Locate Terraria in your Steam game library, right-click it, and click ‘Properties

Step 2: Browse to the ‘Local Files‘ tab and click on the ‘Browse local files…‘ button

Step 3: You are now in your Terraria folder (this is where you should install tModLoader)

tModLoader Features

Unleash Your Creativity: Play and Create Mods Dive into the world of Terraria like never before! With tModLoader, you have the power to not only play amazing mods but also create your own. Unleash your creativity and bring your wildest ideas to life!

Endless Adventures: Explore New Content TML opens up a universe of possibilities, adding exciting new content to your Terraria experience. Embark on endless adventures with unique items, enemies, biomes, and more, all crafted by the talented Terraria community.

Community-Crafted Wonders: Explore User-Made Mods Venture into the incredible creations of the Terraria community. Discover an array of user-made mods that breathe fresh life into the game. From epic quests to game-changing mechanics, there’s something for everyone!

Play Your Way: Immerse Yourself in Terraria Mods TML lets you tailor your Terraria journey to your liking. Play solo or team up with friends to conquer challenges together. Embrace a single mod or combine multiple mods for an extraordinary and personalized gaming experience.

Spread the Word: Invite Your Friends to TML Share the excitement with your friends! To delve into the world of mods, make sure everyone’s on board with tModLoader. Together, you’ll unlock a realm of endless fun and unforgettable memories.

Community-Driven Innovation: TML’s Collective Effort tModLoader is not just a modding tool; it’s a testament to the power of community. Built and nurtured by passionate Terraria enthusiasts, this project thrives on the contributions of its dedicated members.

Free and Forever: Embrace the Freedom of TML Embrace the freedom to modify and expand Terraria without any cost. tModLoader is a free-to-use modification that will continue to be accessible to all, ensuring an inclusive and vibrant modding community.

tModLoader Features