Vectornator Free Download for Mac

Churn-out some serious Illustrations

It’s freak-in crazy. That’s all I would say! Vectornator is a powerful tool that empowers you to design and develop designs you could imagine of. It is an intuitive graphic designing software that produces stunning illustrations, impressive designs, beautiful layouts, creative logos by combining a set of vector tools and a wide range of features.

Download Vectornator latest version 4.0 for Mac PC. Works with both 32bit & 64bit versions.

Vectornator Download for Mac

Ground-Breaking Interface

Vectornator for mac gives the user the best experience so they can seamlessly work and dabble on a big digital canvas. It has a simple user interface that anyone can understand and enough features to make managing tasks effective but not overwhelming.

leapfrog the Onboarding Hurdles

Vectornator Pro is a fully-featured, powerful, capable Mac application that combines the solid set of vector tools with wide range of features like Artboards, Auto Trace, Boolean Operations and more. The software gives flexible workspace to create all the different types of designs you can imagine of all under a single document inside on software that is Vectornator. It extends its functionality to over integrating designs for websites, branding, typography, and more.

Powerhouse for Art Creation

Vectornator has different but so many features that are truly meant to match your creativity. To name a few, that can design your next masterpiece is are and including the Pen tool that creates precise paths and anchor points to develop sharp edges and beautiful curves.

With Vectornator you can also alter the tool properties even after you placed a path in the correct position. All you need is to drag any slider and see the effects, following it.

So what makes Vectornator so impressive afterall. It is where the detailing part comes. This graphic design software has the power to tweak the smallest detail down to changing the corner radius of any individual anchor point. Likewise, to make it more responsive you, the nudge control helps move the the objects precisely on a touch screen by adding a dedicated joystick control to move the object by point.

With Vectornator there is one great thing and that is mixing elements on a graphic design. This is no better done without Boolean Operations, Grouping and Masking. Typography feature gives the full control to manipulate the text’s line height, kerning, tracking or to curve or attach them to a path. Despite this, you can also even import the custom fonts.

The images that once was soo depressing and undertaking, now gets this done in seconds. The Autotrace feature traces a complex image with real-time rendering engine that runs on the 64 bit architecture, giving a truly professional experience.

This is not just it. It incorporates 80,000+ icons that involve no attribution from us. You can get instant access to thousands of icons that you can include in your projects with minimal input from you.

Vectornator makes it super easy to create stunning layouts with the option to create your next company logo, brochure, marketing content or movie posters.

Co-edit in Real Time with your Team

To make your work more fluid and effective, you can invite your friends to add comments or provide feedback for your to get the most out Vectornator. Hence, you will be able to collaborate in real-time.


Vectornator lets you create anything you can imagine from websites, apps, logos, posters, lettering, user interfaces, architecture to absolutely anything. It is available free in the mac app store. All in all, this drawing application packs all the typical features you would expect out of a full-fledged Mac software.

Download Vectornator for PC

V 4.0 For PC

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  • License: Free
  • Platform: Windows OS
  • Language: English
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