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Latest full version graphic suite with CorelDRAW, PHOTO-PAINT & AfterShot for Windows 11 & 10
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Corel Corporation
Sep 26, 2022
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Latest full version graphic suite with CorelDRAW, PHOTO-PAINT & AfterShot for Windows 11 & 10

Designing a super stunning graphic that is visually appealing and gripping is I think the step forward to over echoing your brand, and that’s not what I think is possible without CorelDRAW Graphics Suite. Is it?

CorelDraw Graphics Suite is a professional and comprehensive vector illustration, layout, photo editing, and typography tool that lets you create with passion and purpose.

Download CorelDRAW Graphics Suite latest version 2021 for Windows. Works with both 32bit & 64bit versions of Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, and Windows 7.

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite Download Overview

It is an almost complete graphic drawing software that lets you create unique illustrations, signage, logos, and important design projects that you share with your clients – from virtually any device. As a result, you can deliver exceptional results and gain trust from the clients.

What can you do with CorelDraw graphics suite?

Shh. It’s a little secret between us…Just kidding! I think I should say what can we not make with CorelDraw Graphics Suite 2020. It does everything. Almost everything. From creating logos, flexes, brochures, invitation cards, and any kind of vector designing, this tool is great for producing some high-quality stuff. It can:

Create Some Serious Illustrations

With fast and flexible tools tailored to professional designers, you can create stunning artwork to impactful web graphics and standout print. CorelDRAW Graphics Suite has game-changing collaboration tools and cutting-edge typography with which you can showcase beautifully the written text.

CorelDraw integrates some serious feature know known as PowerTRACE that turns a bitmap into a vector illustration, creating complex vector illustrations from photos. Corel also has all the tools that one needs to produce and output designs for the fashion industry or any business domain.

CorelDraw creates new designs all from a fresh new start with a different choice of templates and designs that you can store in the cloud. Corel also offers a special workspace customized for touchscreen tablets so you can incorporate workflow into your illustrations.

To make branding and marketing, reach the tactical goals, you need to create a professional brand identity to uplift business productivity and creativity. Therefore, GrapphicsSuite from Corel has all the tools that you can use to create everything that stands.

With Corel’s powerful color management engine and superior tools, you can now create artwork that reaches the masses. This is flawlessly achievable by using CorelDraw. Hence, you can design and create signage and large-format printing. In the same way, experts in engineering and manufacturing can use Corel’s dedicated, precision tools for creating detailed products and parts illustrations, diagrams, schematics, and other intricate designs for visuals.

Manipulate Images

Integrated with impressive AI-powered image solutions, you can enlarge images without losing detail and eliminate noise from highly compressed JPEG images. And apply new machine-learned effects to bitmap and vector. In the same fashion, you can create masks much faster and more accurately with Corel’s new smart selection tool.

Corel offers non-destructive editing features that can edit bitmaps and vectors with no harm to the original object. It integrates non-disruptive features like a Block Shadow tool, symmetry drawing mode or the impact tool, etc. As a result, you can manipulate the images flawlessly.

Apart from that, CorelDRAW Graphics Suite like others gives a complete set of options to apply color to fills and outlines or generate colors based on the color harmonies. And, you can change the transparency of an object and fill them up with different intriguing patterns, gradients, mesh fills, and more.

A Performance Jump

With a noticeably quicker and more responsive suite of applications and 10x faster performance over the last of their version, you can efficiently achieve a better concept to completion in record time. This is something new in 2020.

Wide Array of Design Tools

With powerful vector illustrations tools that turn basic lines and shapes into complex works of art, you can also add creative effects to your vector artwork with effect tools like Contour, Envelope, Blend, Mesh Fill, and more. With different layouts available for making brochures, multi-page documents, and more, you can use the Placeholder Text tool to mock up a page and see how the text will look.

As mentioned earlier there is a great chance with turning your text to a gorgeous looking set of the font with options to add effects like block shadows and contours, fine-tune fonts responsively with variable font support, fit text to paths, and more. Because Corel offers its Font Manager that organizes and manages the font library, you can, hence, use your own favorite fonts without the need to install them.

Style your Identity

With so many options to work with – there remains no weakness in bringing your visions to verity. Features like Styles and style sets give the honor to apply consistent formatting across multiple objects, produce their replicate versions, and format the documents quickly.

In the same manner, you have the option to control every object with Corel’s object docker that allows you to get a complete grip over the object. Say, for example, hide, rename, search for objects or change their stacking order. With this tool, you can also manage object formatting, fills, etc.

Showcase your Design

With flawless publishing and output, you can churn out the design at a far-reaching target so that you can reach the audience. You can control color consistency for desired output before sending it for print.

With Over 100+ File Compatibility

Compatible with over 100+ file formats, you can easily import and export a variety of projects based on client-provided files or needs. To name a few of the file formats that Corel offers are:


Mac Natives

CorelDraw has extended its availability to over Mac users as well. Hence, you can speed up your workflow by using maybe an iPad as a second display. This helps in making things much easier and flexible for many users.

Still, need some convincing?

With professional-level features and a highly customizable interface with unique features, CorelDraw Graphics Suite can be seen as a serious contender in the professional space. With hella features like Photo-Paint, a bitmap and photo editing app with support for layers and non-destructive editing, AfterShot, which handles raw and HDR images and offers batch processing features, PowerTRACE, a clever tool that helps you transform a bitmap image into a vector one, and FontManager that lets you index font folders on your local and network drives, which typically means that you don’t need to get the fonts in your PC – I think Corel has empowered the users with its ultra-powerful graphic design app.

How much does CorelDraw cost?

I think CorelDraw has some serious, decent pricing plans. There is a reason for it. Even if you buy the CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2020 which turns out to be a US$689.00 which is really good for a lifetime upgrade, I think the subscription they offer is really, really decent. I mean it’s super modest. The annual (365-days subscription) turns out to be just US$399.00. Isn’t it good?

Is Corel Draw free?

Not really. They offer us a trial version. It’s somehow good, but I think they should’ve not offered the trial version; indeed, give us the option to download with limited features, so those who don’t want to get the software are also at good hands.

CorelDraw Graphics Suite VS Adobe Illustrator

Illustrator or Photoshop is basically the name to beat. In fact, they don’t I think need to be introduced as such. Adobe Illustrator is a vector graphics editor for drawing various types of things such as designing logos, drawing maps, illustrations, and packaging design. It is a sophisticated drawing tool that can reduce the time need to create illustrations.

CorelDraw Graphics Suite on the opposite is a drawing program from Corel, mainly used to create varied types of documents ranging from visiting cards to big hoardings and including logos, flexes, brochures, invitation cards, and any kind of vector designing based on the lining.

Which is better CorelDraw 2020 or Photoshop?

Sticking to one is dumb. However, Photoshop is better and the winner here because of its super flexibility. It doesn’t mean that CorelDraw is out of the race. Its usage entirely depends on the candidate.

How many computers can I install CorelDraw 2020 on?

You can install CorelDraw 2020 on up to 3 computers you own and use. This is because the end-user license agreement allows you to do this way. Also, the license is per user, not per device.

Which version of CorelDraw is best?

It totally depends. For some, it is the X4. For rest it CorelDraw X6(16) (XP (32-bit only), Vista, 7, 8) or CorelDraw X7(17) (7,8,10). Visit the Official site for more info.

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite Latest Version Update

Over 7,000 clipart and digital images Free high-resolution digital photos Huge variety of TrueType and OpenType fonts Large selection of professionally designed templates Design objects with fountain, vector, and bitmap fills