BotMeK Free Download Latest Version for Windows PC

Free Gaming Emulator for Keyboard and Mouse

BotMek is a gaming emulator for keyboard and mouse that enables gamers to set multiple commands for certain actions for a faster response in a game.

Download BotMek and play online games like a Pro. You can use Botmek to play your favorite games e.g. Fortnite, Battlefield 4, GTA 5, Call-of-Duty, and PUBG (Player Unknown Battle Ground).

Here you will get a direct link to Download BotMek 1.6.3 latest version from our fast downloading server for your 32/64-bit operating system. You can Install BotMek on your Windows 7,10, Windows 11/Win Vista & Win 8 PC.

BotMeK Emulator Free Download

BotMek Download Overview

BotMek emulator also known as KeyRan will enable you to write macros (macro instruction) to any conventional keyboard and mouse. These instructions/commands will help you a lot while playing PC games.

You can perform multiple actions/combo attacks by pressing a single key on your keyboard. In FPS-shooters, you can increase or decrease the return of weapons by setting the order of shots using BotMek with a single click of the mouse.

These macros can also assist you while performing your routine work by automating the tasks. You can download the built-in macro instruction or create it according to your game requirement.

Don’t waste your money by buying expensive keyboards and mice with macro support. Download BotMek virtual keyboard and increase your gaming skills to play online games like a pro.

BotMek Top Features

  1. Compatiable with any keyboard and mouse
  2. Easy to use and does not require special knowledge for customizations
  3. Built-in ready-made macros for almost any task
  4. Macro and scripting functionality
  5. Work with a minimized window wihtout any intruption

Botmek Macros Vs Keyran Macros

BotMek and Keyran both are from the same company, Keyran is an updated version of BotMek with some latest Keyran Macros.

Botmek Macros are compatible with Keyran and you can download and use BotMek macros in Keyran program without any difficulty.

Is BotMek Free?

BotMek is available for free to download with some limitations. You can use this free tool daily for a limited time peroid while plying games.

If you want to use BotMek freely for unlimied time period, you can buy BotMek license key from the official site. After the purchase, you also get access to more than 4000 ready-made macros (macro commands).

How Much Does BotMek Cost?

BotMek paid liciense comes in three different packahges.

  1. BotMek Standard License key for $ 2.92/Month
    • No time limits
    • Access to 5000 ready-made macros
    • No Ads
    • General tech support priority
    • Remote configuration option
  2. BotMel Semiannual License key for $ 14.96/180 Days
    • No time limits
    • Access to 5000 ready-made macros
    • No Ads
    • General tech support priority
    • Remote configuration option
  3. BotMek Advanced License key for $ 26.47/Year
    • No time limits
    • Access to 5000 ready-made macros
    • No ads
    • High priority tech support
    • Remote configuration option

How to Use BotMek for Fortnite, GTA 5, Bttlefield & PUBG?

After downloading BotMek, install the KeyRan program on your Windows PC.

  1. See the complete Video tutorial on YouTube to install and use BotMek on your Windows PC.
  2. BotMek KeyRan program comes with more than 5000 free macroos, you can download built-in common macros or you can write by your own.
  3. Assign a macros to the visual keyboard keys. Like if you are playing Fortnite, You can add multipal commands in a single button, so you can jump & fire using a single key.
  4. Here’s the completer tutorial for Botmek Fortnite macros to install macro command for fortnite.

1.6.3 Download For PC

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