DirectX Happy Uninstall Free Download 6.9.5 Latest For Windows PC

Fix all the DirectX problems raised by DirectX error

DirectX Happy Uninstall (DHU) is a powerful management and maintenance tool for Microsoft DirectX. The tool allows you to fix DirectX, Rollback DirectX (Uninstall DirectX and Reinstall DirectX), Backup DirectX, Restore DirectX.

DirectX Happy Uninstall download latest version 6.9.5 for Windows. Works with 64bit versions of Windows 10, and Windows 7.

DirectX Happy Uninstall Free Downlaod 2021

Quickly Fix All DirectX Errors

DirectX Happy Uninstall is a lightweight program that allows you to create your current DirectX Backup, Restore, Rollback, Install & Uninstall on Windows PC.

The program interface gives you information about your computer specifications, Operating system, OS Version, check current Direct X version and DX update.

You can run the DirectX diagnostic tool by pressing DXdiag and DXdiag X64 buttons. Create the DirectX backup for the currently installed DirectX version on your computer.

To create a backup, click on the Start Backup button. Restore option let you restore the current backup, before restoring the backup, you must close your Internet connection if you connect to the internet. Rollback features allow the user’s to rollback DirectX from Windows, after that all DirectX error will be fixed.

Install feature helps you to strong install Directx version to your windows, but before using this feature, you had done a disk rollback. Uninstall feature can quickly uninstall DirectX 11/9 from your computer. After DirectX uninstalled, you could not run any 3D games and 3D applications until you do a disk rollback.

DHU Program Limitation

DirectX Happy Uninstaller Free VS Professional Version.

DHU comes in free as well as the pro version, whereas the free version has limitations. DirectX Pro version offers full features Such; as Rollback, Install & Uninstall, these features are only available for registered users.

Common DirectX Errors

  • Does your DirectX file is damaged or missing?
  • Do you get a DirectX Error Message when you try to run a PC Game?
  • Do you get some strange problems when you playing a PC Game
  • Some software can not run because of DirectX problem?
  • Does your Windows Registry have some errors about DirectX?
  • Are you using an incompatible version of DirectX?
  • Does your computer hardware is incompatible with your current DirectX?
DirectX Happy Uninstall Download for Windows 10,7  64Bit PC

DirectX Happy Uninstall
V6.9.5 For Windows PC

3.7 (4)

🛡️ Safe & Secure

Download Specs

  • License: Free
  • Platform: Windows OS
  • Language: English
  • File Size: 14.8 MB
  • Downloads: 4,101
  • Developer: SuperFoxStudios

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