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Jul 17, 2022
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1.16.5 - 36.2.39
Minecraft 1.16.5 + Java (JRE)
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Forge MC 36.2.39 is the latest release supported by Minecraft 1.16.5. You can download this older version of the Forge Mod Loader for your game but remember that older versions of Forge are not updated anymore. This is because Forge’s intensive API requires an immense amount of work to update. So, we highly recommend updating Minecraft and Forge to the latest build available.

Forge is the most popular mod loader for Minecraft. Once Forge is installed, a player can easily install and run any mods that are compatible with Minecraft Forge. Forge installation can be done on both the server and client side. Forge also boasts the largest compatible mod library out of all the mod loaders available.

Features of Minecraft Forge 1.16.5 – 36.2.39

Forge for Minecraft has many features that make it unique. A few of these features are listed below:

  • Mod Support: Forge MC supports the largest mods library for Minecraft Java Edition thanks to its powerful Forge Mod Loader. All the best mods that modify Minecraft on a large scale are available for Forge.
  • Minecraft Developer Kit: Minecraft Developer Kit (MDK) allows devs to create and modify mods easily for Minecraft Java Edition (JE).
  • Mod Menu: Forge MC adds a Mods Menu on the main screen of Minecraft through which you can view and manage all installed mods. Other mod loaders add this feature by 3rd party mods.
  • Dedicated Mods Folder Button: Adds a “Mods Folder” button in the Mods menu in game which can take you directly to the mods folder. This can help you locate the mods folder in your PC for future mod installations.

Requirements to Run Minecraft Forge 1.16.5 – 36.2.39

Take a look at the list below to see the requirements for Forge MC 1.16.5:


How to Install & Uninstall Minecraft Forge 1.16.5 – 36.2.39

Installation of Forge into Minecraft Java Edition is quite simple. Make sure you have Java installed before moving on to installing Forge. Once Java is installed, follow the steps below to install it:

Installing Forge 1.16.5 – 36.2.39 in Minecraft Java Edition (JE)

Step 1: Download the Forge installer. You’ll see the file “forge-1.16.5-36.2.39-installer.jar”, launch it.

Step 2: Select either Install Client or Install Server and click OK to start the installation.

Step 3: Once the installer is done with the installation process, click OK to close the window.

Uninstalling Forge 1.16.5 – 36.2.39 from Minecraft Java Edition (JE)

Uninstalling Forge MC 1.16.5 – 36.2.39 from Minecraft is a little different than uninstalling other mods from Minecraft. See the instructions below to uninstall Forge safely:

Step 1: Go to the following location: “Local Disk (C:) > Users > (Your PC Name) > AppData > Roaming > .minecraft > versions” and delete the folder matching the installed version of Minecraft Forge.

Minecraft Forge Latest Version 1.16.5 - 36.2.39 Update

Fix EntityEvent.Size not being fired Allow sound instances to customize stream source
Fix entity parts being ignored when collecting entities in an AABB
Previously entity parts are only taken into consideration when the parent entity is in a chunk that intersects with the AABB
Fix inconsistency of multipart entity ids Update Licenses
Add Gzip support to version checker Readd patch
Use the `/forge setdimension` command 'targets' argument and provide a default for the 'pos' argument as it's optional
Clear local variable table on RuntimeEnumExtender transformation
Prevent setting window icon on OSX Fix entity type in conversion event to Drowned
Fix climbable hook to set lastClimbablePos field.
Merge values of defaulted optional tags Bump ModLauncher to 8.1.3
Fix to use legacy keystore as Java 8 doesn't support newer keystores generated by Java 16 by default Implement TeamCity project building on 1.16.z branch
Also create parent directories when creating empty config files, 1.16 redux
Fixed KeyMappings only checking if they conflict with themselves. Backport #8254 to 1.16.5:
Add RenderArmEvent to make overriding just the arm rendering not require copying nearly as much vanilla code
Update Log4J to fix the security issue inside it
Fix potential issue with BackgroundScanHandler for users with slow disc IO Backport #8207 to 1.16
Add ForgeSpawnEggItem to lazily handle EntityTypes
Add ForgeSpawnEggItem to lazily handle EntityTypes Remove OnlyIn Surround EntityType#spawn() call with try/catch

Download Minecraft Forge Old Versions

Version Size Requirements Date
1.20.1 - 47.1.3 5.6 MB Minecraft 1.20.1 + Java (JRE) 11/07/2023
1.20 - 46.0.14 5.51 MB Minecraft 1.20 + Java (JRE) 11/06/2023
1.19.4 - 45.1.2 6.7 MB Minecraft 1.19.4 + Java (JRE) 20/06/2023
1.19.3 - 44.1.23 6.6 MB Minecraft 1.19.3 + Java (JRE) 09/03/2023
1.19.2 - 43.2.14 6.68 MB Minecraft 1.19.2 + Java (JRE) 07/06/2023
1.19 - 41.1.0 6.42 MB Minecraft 1.19 + Java (JRE) 27/07/2022
1.18.2 - 40.2.9 4.7 MB Minecraft 1.18.2 + Java (JRE) 01/06/2023
1.18 - 38.0.17 6.19 MB Minecraft 1.18 + Java (JRE) 12/12/2021
1.12.2 - 4.4 MB Minecraft 1.12.2 - Java (JRE) 13/12/2021
1.7.10 - 3.52 MB Minecraft 1.7.10 - Java (JRE) 09/12/2015

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