MuPDF 1.22.1 (32 & 64 bit)
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Edit your PDF files using the interactive interface of MuPDF
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Artifex Software Inc.
April 15, 2023
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1.22.1 (32 & 64 bit)
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MuPDF is a versatile tool for engaging with your PDF files. MuPDF is a customizable PDF, XPS, and e-Book interpreter, having its functionality established for a wide range of applications. An excellent thing about MuPDF is its ability to let users understand and interact with its features easily i.e.; the interface is user-friendly. 

MuPDF has a variety of features that enable users to interact with PDF documents in a more comprehensive way. These features include the ability to electronically sign documents, hide sensitive information with redactions, make comments and notes on PDF documents, and fill out forms electronically. You can annotate to fill forms on mobile phones and this feature will soon launch for desktop viewers as well. 

The interactive tools in this PDF editor provide users with greater flexibility and control over their PDF documents, making it easier to manage the important files however you want. No matter what type of input and output formats your file has, MuPDF can support any file format that possibly exists. 

It is a versatile software that supports various file formats such as PDF, XPS, OpenXPS, EPUB, FictionBook 2, and CBZ. Additionally, the MuPDF API has been designed to work seamlessly across multiple platforms, including Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, and Windows. All of this makes it an ideal choice for developers who need to integrate document viewing into their software.

Furthermore, MuPDF offers C++ and Python bindings, which enables developers to use the MuPDF library from these languages. This is a significant advantage as it allows developers to work with their preferred programming languages while still being able to benefit from the diverse features that MuPDF offers. Users can also write scripts using Javascript to manipulate documents. 

In conclusion, MuPDF is a robust and reliable software that offers an array of features for document viewing and manipulation. With support for multiple file formats and cross-platform compatibility, it has become an essential tool for developers. Overall, MuPDF is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a comprehensive and versatile document processing solution.

MuPDF Latest Version 1.22.1 (32 & 64 bit) Update

New command line "mutool recolor" to change colorspace of PDF files.
New command line "mutool trim" to remove content outside mediabox.
New flag to "mutool draw": -KK to remove all non-textual content.
Support PDF page labels.
Layout HTML tables with variable column widths.
Added JPEG output format. JPEG should be used with care due to its
lossy nature (if in doubt, use PDF instead).
Added PDF filter factories.
Added PDF color filter.
Added "culler" to sanitize filter.
Added flags to control embedding fonts in output.
New device methods for structured tags.
Increased maximum allowed image size.
Add magic flag to temporarily hide annotations when editing them.
Support RD in Square and Circle annotations.
Support dashed borders in annotations.
Support cloudy borders in annotations.
Improved layers in PDF files.
Fix performance issue with large PDF files and outlines.
Updated multi-threading examples.
Moved WASM project into separate repository.
Added Java and "mutool run" bindings for many more functions.