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Microsoft's killer spreadsheet application is perfect for both business and personal use.
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Oct 13, 2015
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Microsoft Excel 2010 for PC is one of the best tools for managing, analyzing, and sharing information through a spreadsheet. With a clearer interface and enhanced usability, the 2010 edition of Microsoft Excel download has been improved in several ways over its predecessors.

When it was first released for Windows 7, the ribbon-like interface sparked debate, but now that you can see all the options rather than having them hidden away in menus. You may personalize your ribbon in any way you like by specifying the toolbars you want on it, adding menus, and changing label styles. You can list whatever option works best for you or enhances your use of MS Excel.

Note: MS Excel 2010 is no longer available to download from the official website. So instead, Softlay is providing you the official Microsoft Excel 2010 free download for Windows OS. MS Excel 2010 offline installer supports Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 7, and all later versions.

How To Download and Install Excel 2010

Since MS Excel does not come with its own individual setup we will need to download Office 2010 and then install only Excel from it. Here’s how you can do that:

Step 1: Start the MS Excel 2010 download from the top of this page and launch it once downloaded.

Step 2: Proceed with the setup’s instructions until you see the option to customize your installation. Here click on Customize Now.

Step 3: Unselect all the apps except Microsoft Excel and click Install Now.

Step 4: Wait for the installation to complete and you should have Excel 2013 installed as an individual app.

Note: By default every copy of Microsoft Excel 2010 is a free trial version until you buy the full version but since Microsoft doesn’t sell the full version anymore you’ll have to buy it from a third-party source.

Microsoft Excel 2010 Key Features

Let’s have a look at some of the features this app has to offer and possibly any improvements made over its previous versions.

User Interface (UI):

  • Ribbon Refinements:
    • Preview before pasting: See how copied content will look before pasting it into your sheet.
    • Collapse Ribbon button: Minimize the ribbon for more screen space.
    • Familiar File menu returns: Offers a classic menu option alongside the ribbon.
    • Double-click chart elements for formatting: Simplifies chart customization.
    • Search within filters: Refine filter criteria with keyword searches.
    • Table filters stay visible: Filter headers remain even when scrolling.
    • Less flashy design: Offers a more toned-down aesthetic compared to Excel 2007.
    • Enhanced print preview: Provides a clearer view of what will be printed.
    • Customizable ribbon: Create personalized tabs and menus with frequently used tools.

Data Visualization and Analysis:

  • Sparklines: Tiny charts embedded within cells to visualize trends directly next to data.
  • Slicers: Interactive filters for PivotTables, allowing easy data exploration through visual selection.
  • Improved Tables & Filters: Filtering and sorting options remain visible while scrolling through tables.
  • Conditional Formatting Enhancements:
    • Solid fills and data bar borders: Add visual emphasis to conditional formatting rules.
    • Data bar direction control: Set data bars to flow from left-to-right or vice versa.
    • Negative value positioning: Distinguish negative values with data bars on the opposite side of the axis.
    • Cross-sheet referencing: Create conditional formatting rules based on values in other worksheets.

Other Improvements:

  • Screenshot Feature: Capture specific portions of your screen directly within Excel.
  • Equation Tools: Built-in tools for creating and editing mathematical equations within text boxes.
  • Theme and Style Options: Wider selection of themes and styles for consistent and professional formatting across workbooks.
  • Protected View: Enhanced security feature that opens potentially risky files in a restricted mode.
  • Trusted Documents: Streamlined process for opening documents containing macros or data connections.
  • Macro Recorder Enhancements: Record formatting changes applied to charts and other objects.

Additional Notes:

  • Excel 2010 also introduced numerous bug fixes and performance improvements over previous versions.
  • While not a new feature, 64-bit versions of Excel became more widely available with Excel 2010, enabling users to work with larger datasets.

Other Versions

We wouldn’t recommend using any version older than the the one we are providing you because they would just be lacking in features or security. Instead try out Excel 2013, Excel 2016, Excel 2021, or Excel in Office 365. The latest known versions of MS Excel are either Office 365 or if you prefer offline usage then it is the MS Excel 2021.


If you’re looking for other free alternatives instead of the ones offered by Microsoft then try these apps:


What is Microsoft Excel?

Excel 2010, was a powerful spreadsheet program from Microsoft. It offered a revamped interface with a customizable ribbon for easier access to features. New data visualization tools like Sparklines helped you see trends at a glance, while improved filtering and formatting made data analysis a breeze.

Can we get Microsoft Excel 2010 for free?

No, none of the Excel apps are available for free except the online versions that are accessible by web browsers. If you’re looking for free alternatives then take a look at the “Alterntives” section above and you’ll be sure to find a free app that suits your needs.

How to update Microsoft Excel?

Open any software like Launch Excel > Go to Account or Office Account > Click on Update Options next to Office updates > Click on Update Now.