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Pro music notation software to create, edit, and print sheet music.
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March 13, 2023
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Musicians, music students, and professional composers can all utilize Muse Score on different platforms. Yet Muse Score is just a music scoring notation system, unlike any conventional music programmed.

Muse Score is a tool for composing, revising, and laying out your music notation in a clear, easy-to-read, and printable form, similar to how word processing software such as Microsoft Word helps you to write, edit, and format your papers.

Muse Score download is completely free, in contrast to other common place music notation programmed. It also competes successfully against paid score writers like Finale, Sibelius, and Dorico. Depending on the end outcome, a wide range of techniques can be used to produce sound. With tools that allow you to create tunes using only the keyboard and mouse, computers have evolved into powerful processing units and musical instruments.


  1. Score creation; create scores for a wide range of instruments, including piano, guitar, voice, and orchestral instruments.
  2. Note entry: MuseScore provides several methods for note entry, including mouse, computer keyboard, and MIDI keyboard.
  3. Automatic placement: MuseScore automatically positions notes and rests to ensure that the score is easy to read and looks professional.
  4. Score playback: Users can listen to their scores using a variety of soundfonts or external MIDI devices.
  5. Music symbols: MuseScore provides a wide range of music symbols, including notes, rests, chords, dynamics, and articulations.
  6. Text and lyrics: Users can add text, lyrics, and chord symbols to their scores.
  7. Sheet music formatting: MuseScore provides a variety of formatting options, including page size and orientation, margins, and line spacing.
  8. Score sharing: Users can share their scores online using the community, or export scores to a variety of formats, including PDF, MIDI, MusicXML, and audio files.

Muse Score  Latest Version 4.0.2 Update

Fixed a crash on startup with specific VST instruments present
Fixed a crash on deleting particular staves
Fixed a hang on startup involving WASAPI
Fixed corruption on adding or removing beats or measures in certain cases
Fixed shortcuts using numeric keypad
Fixed issues involving system elements and parts
Fixed issues with playback start position
Fixed chord symbol playback on transposing staves