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Aug 25, 2016
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VRS Recording System is a professional digital audio-recording tool for Windows PC that offers powerful recording options in a user-friendly interface for convenient day-to-day recording. It is designed to record multiple audio channels at the same time while using automatic level control and digital signal processing to increase voice intelligibility. The recordings are compressed automatically and can be easily searched by date, time, line, or other data. VRS is ideal for a broad range of recording scenarios, such as telephone line recording (call recording), remote audio monitoring, and radio communication recording.

One of the key features of VRS is its ability to record up to 64 audio channels simultaneously on one computer. Depending on the user’s preferences, the software provides automatic voice-activated, hardware port control, or continuous recording modes. In addition, VRS offers signal processing to improve voice intelligibility and automatic level control. This makes listening to the recordings easier, especially when multiple channels are recorded at the same time.

VRS also has a variety of options for searching and managing recordings. Users can search for recordings in the Search and Play window by date, channel, and more. Moreover, the software saves and compresses recorded audio as wav, mp3, or gsm files. Users can also log recording details to a SQL database or a comma-delimited CSV file. They can also use FTP to mirror or backup recordings or send recordings to an email address. VRS has an SDK that allows third-party programs to control recording, making it simple to integrate with other software.

VRS is more than just a voice recorder; it also has features for recording telephone lines and radio communications. VRS can record up to 64 phone lines simultaneously and automatically for telephone recording. It can log phone numbers dialed (DTMF tones) and display and log outbound call audits and estimated costs. Users can also search for recordings by dialing the DTMF number. Users can also manually start and stop recording from calling stations using VRS RemoteControl. VRS has a continuous recording mode for 24-hour-a-day recording, high compression settings to reduce hard drive requirements, and the ability to break long recordings into hour-long files. Ultimately, the VRS Recording System is a versatile and effective instrument.

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