SDelete 2.04
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Securely deleting files and folders in Windows that is unrecoverable even by forensic tools.
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Microsoft Corporation
Nov 25, 2020
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Windows 11, 10, 8, 7
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SDelete is a powerful tool developed by Sysinternals for securely erasing specific files and folders permanently from windows PC. It is a command line and secure deletion tool, even forensic and others data recovery tools can not recover deleted disc data.

The software ensures that your existing unallocated or deleted files from this application are properly removed from your computer or hard drive. SDelete has the ability to securely remove files by overwriting them several times with carefully chosen patterns. This makes it much harder for anyone to recover the data, even if they have advanced data recovery tools at their disposal.

SDelete is a valuable, easy-to-use tool and can be run from the command line. It works for both security professionals and common users, who want to ensure that their sensitive data is permanently erased when they dispose of an old computer or hard drive.

SDelete Latest Version 2.04 Update

This update to SDelete, a command line utility for secure file deletion, provides a new switch, -f, to to avoid file/directory versus drive ambiguity.