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A Lightweight Operating System for Desktop, Laptops, and Servers
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Ubuntu is a Linux-based operating system for PC developed by an open community that is perfect for desktops, laptops, and servers. It is a lightweight operating system that contains all the necessary applications required to perform any task on a personal computer. Download Ubuntu latest version free for your 32/64-bit PC.

The latest version of Ubuntu 20.04 includes a Web browser, document presentation, and spreadsheet software, instant messaging, and other important applications.

Download Ubuntu ISO full version untouched, and malware-free file for 32-bit & 64-bit operating systems. Here is the single click, direct link to free Ubuntu ISO Download from our fast downloading server.

Ubuntu Download Overview 2024

Ubuntu is an open-source operating system developed by the Linux community for desktops, laptops, and servers. Like other Linux operating systems, Ubuntu is a complete OS for all kinds of PC. You can also install Ubuntu on Windows 10 PC for free.

Ubuntu requires specific privileges to install files, thus making it difficult for a virus to be loaded. This is the basic advantage provided by Ubuntu.

As compared to other operating systems, Ubuntu has very few security issues, most of the time you can run Ubuntu without any anti-virus software.

Some of the versions of Linux, like Ubuntu 64-bit, deactivate the file from the internet, which again helps block infections. Since an operating system like Ubuntu is an up-and-comer, writers with vile intentions are not yet spending enough time to target Ubuntu users.

Key Features of Ubuntu 64-bit

  • Ubuntu 64-bit runs an operating system based on community development.
  • Light-weight operating system for PC.
  • Updated without any errors.

How to Download Ubuntu 32/64-bit for Windows 10 PC?

Want to install Ubuntu on your Windows 10 or Windows 11 PC? Don’t worry, you can easily download the Ubuntu 32-bit or 64-bit operating system for your Windows 10 PC

Ubuntu doesn’t have any separate installation setup for Windows 10 PC. The same Ubuntu ISO can be installed on Windows PC. Download the file by clicking the download button above and reading the guide below to learn how to install Ubuntu on Windows 10 PC.

You can also install these Ubuntu’s Older Version for your Windows PC. See details below.

  • Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Download 32/64-bit Desktop PC
  • Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Download 32/64-bit Desktop PC
  • Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Download 32/64-bit Desktop PC

How to Install Ubuntu on Windows 10 PC?

To install ubuntu on Windows PC along with your Windows 10 operating system to use both operating systems on a single PC. Following are the high-level steps to do so:

  1. Download Ubuntu ISO image file. In this tutorial, we are installing Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Desktop version.
  2. Create a bootable USB drive to write Ubuntu image file to USB.
  3. Shrink the Windows 10 partition to create space for Ubuntu.
  4. Run the Ubuntu live environment and install it.

Differences Between Linux and Ubuntu 14.04

Linux is an open-source and free operating system built around the Linux systems, released by Linux Torvalds on September 17, 1991. usage is very high among servers; the majority of the web servers across the world run on Linux-based operating systems

Ubuntu is an open-source and freely available operating system, one of the Linux distributions. Ubuntu is the most used type of Linux-based operating system in desktop installations provides a friendly operating system and stable enough, which is targeted toward the average computer user.

How to Download Ubuntu Setup File for Offline Installation

Click the download button to grab an official untouched offline installer file of Ubuntu ISO from our fast downloading server to perform a clean installation on your PC.

How To Install Ubuntu from ISO File?

After you successfully downloaded the Ubuntu ISO file. Save it on your PC. You need to burn ISO images to DVD or create a ubuntu bootable USB from an ISO file to install it on your PC.

Follow this tutorial which tells How to create a bootable USB and install Ubuntu via USB Drive. The steps to install Ubuntu are simple and easy.

Ubuntu Latest Version 22.04.1 Update

Ubuntu 22.04 LTS ships multiple optimized kernels on per-product basis: |Ubuntu Desktop will automatically opt-into v5.17 921 kernel on the latest generations of certified devices (linux-oem-22.04) Ubuntu Desktop uses a rolling HWE kernel (linux-hwe-22.04) on all other generations of hardware. The rolling HWE kernel is based on the v5.15 218 kernel for 22.04.0 and 22.04.1 point releases Ubuntu Server defaults to a non-rolling LTS kernel v5.15 (linux-generic) Ubuntu Cloud and Devices use optimized kernels in collaboration with partners (v5.15+ with additional backports and features)