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Enhance performance, squash bugs, and elevate your gaming experience to new heights
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Mar 29, 2020
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VanillaFix is a mod designed to enhance the performance and stability of vanilla Minecraft. It is suitable for all players looking to improve their gameplay experience. Compatible with Minecraft Java Edition, VanillaFix offers optimizations, bug fixes, memory leak fixes, and various performance enhancements to ensure smoother and more reliable gameplay.

VanillaFix offers a range of features to improve performance and address bugs and annoyances in vanilla Minecraft. It aims to enhance the overall gameplay experience and stability for users.

Better Crashes

VanillaFix improves crash handling by isolating crashes to the current world instead of crashing the entire game. It automatically identifies the mod(s) responsible for the crash and provides an option to upload crash reports to a paste site for easy sharing. The crash reports include additional useful information such as the NBT data of the crashing entity or tile entity. It also warns users about potential mod-related problems that could lead to more serious issues in the future. Additionally, it enables Alt + F3 + C to crash the integrated server, bypassing the F3 + C delay.

Debugging Tools

VanillaFix includes debugging tools to assist with performance analysis. It breaks down the Shift + F3 pie chart and server profiler into more detailed categories, such as entity or tile entity type, making it easier to identify lag-inducing mods. Users can cycle between the client and integrated server profiler using F3 + S when the Shift + F3 pie chart is open, providing valuable insights for troubleshooting and optimizing Minecraft performance.

VanillaFix Alternatives and Similar Software 2024

Some alternatives and similar software to VanillaFix for Minecraft performance optimization include Optifine, Sodium, and BetterFps.

What does VanillaFix do?

VanillaFix improves performance, fixes bugs, and enhances the overall gameplay experience in vanilla Minecraft.

Is VanillaFix a client side mod?

Does this have to be installed both server-side and client-side? No, some fixes are for the client, and some are for the server. However, the mod can be installed on either the client/server without having to be installed on the server/client.

VanillaFix Latest Version 1.12.2 Update

Performance improvements
Tick only visible animated textures (huge FPS increase, up to 3x on very large modpacks)
Make interdimensional teleportation over 10x faster
Make world creation faster on large modpacks
Annoyances/bug fixes
Allow opening GUIs such as the chat window while in nether portal (see MC-2071)
Fix MC-129556 (GUI logic is included in the "root.tick.textures" profiler section)
Fix MC-129057 (items with NBT are valid in crafting recipes, but are not taken by crafting book)
Fix MC-30845 (camera stops at non-solid blocks in third person view)