Microsoft Corporation
Jan 30, 2007
2.1 - 2.8 GB
SP2 (6.0.6002)
WinVista Compatible PC
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Official untouched ISO files for x86/x64 latest version OS.

Now if You are looking for Windows Vista Home Basic Download 32-bit or 64-bit ISO. You should know that Microsoft is not dealing with any version of Windows Vista ISO on its official site anymore.

If you still love Vista Home Basic and want to Download Windows Vista for your PC, Softlay is the single best place to Download Windows Vista Home Basic ISO unofficially for free.

Download and Install Full Version of home basic ISO x86, x32 and activate it with the original Windows Vista product key.

We keep a free, untouched ISO copy of Home Basic for our users. Get Win Vista Home Basic ISO 32/64bit editions free for your computer. It is a genuine copy of DVD image with service pack 2 (SP2) from Official MSDN.

Windows Vista Home Basic Free Download

Windows Vista was first released on January 30, 2007, by Microsoft, and the official support for Windows Vista was ended on April 10, 2012.

Windows Vista Home Basic Overview

This is an updated version of Windows Vista that contains safety, reliability, compatibility, performance, and supports the latest hardware. The new interface helps Windows users to navigate easily.

Unlike other Vista Edition, Home Basic Windows Vista is known for a wonderful user experience. Win Home basic users can quickly view, find, control, and organize multiple tasks at the same time.

After Installing Home Edition on your PC, you will get a unique interface and a more informative desktop experience. The users can see in the preview, what’s a file contains.

The Easy to use starter wizards and dialog boxes, help vista users to find applications and documents files instantly.

The direct download link of the Win Vista home basic is provided here for users’ ease.

Vista Home Basic Features

Unlike Windows Vista Ultimate and Windows Vista Professional, this version is specially released with more focus for individuals who run Win Vista at home. The users can download Windows Vista ISO Home Basic to use both at home or for work.

The Vista Home edition was first released in two different versions ( ISO Service Pack 1 – SP1) and (Windows Vista ISO Service Pack 2 – SP2).

Instead of selling online, this is sold through retailers and users can buy Windows Vista home SP2 ISO from a retail store.

Softlay provides the free single-click direct download of Windows Vista Home Basic bootable untouched ISO (SP2).

You can install 64-Bit ISO on any PC. Create a bootable USB from Vista Home Basic ISO image for a fresh installation or to upgrade your Windows XP.

Windows Vista Home Basic 32-bit & 64-bit ISO

This ISO file included both 32 bit and Win Vista Home Basic 64 Bit ISO Image full version. Windows Vista 32bit is standard for old PCs and Windows Vista 64 bit edition required more than 4 GB of RAM to work properly.

Get it all with Windows Vista Home Basic ISO Download. Further detail on Windows Vista Feature Updates is listed on the Official Microsoft Windows site.

How To Install from ISO File

The Windows Vista Home Basic download on this site is an ISO image file. You need to burn this ISO image and create a bootable USB to install Win Vista Home Basic on your PC.

After creating the bootable USB from this image file, you will be able to install on your computer. Download the Home Basic ISO file. If you don’t know how to create a bootable USB from ISO file, follow the tutorial on How to install Windows Vista from a USB Flash Drive. This guide contains a step-by-step process to install Windows Vista easily.

How to Activate Windows Vista with Product Key?

To activate, you need a genuine Win Vista product key. Unfortunately, Microsoft is not dealing with Windows Vista Product keys anymore. So now you have two options to activate Window Vista Home Basic.

You can either activate Windows Vista with the original Windows Vista Product key if you’re previously using Windows Vista and you keep the original key. You can try Windows Vista Free Product keys available on the internet.

You don’t need to activate in 2021 and Activating Windows Vista will not make any difference. Because Microsoft is not going to release any update for Vista Home Basic after 2012. So you can use the full features of Windows Vista without activation for free.

Windows Vista in Other Languages

The download is available in 35 different languages. You can choose any language at the time of installation. You will need a language interface pack to change the Vista language. Right now, here, Win Vista isn’t available in other languages.

Arabic | Chinese | Dutch – Deutsch | French| English | German | Russian | Spanish – español

Windows Vista Home Basic Latest Version SP2 (6.0.6002) Update

Updated ISO to Service Pack 2 build 6.0.6002

Download Windows Vista Home Basic Old Versions

Version Size Requirements Date
SP2 (6.0.6002) Varies with edition WinVista Compatible PC 30/01/2007
SP2 (6.0.6002) 2.5 - 3.3 GB WinVista Compatible PC 30/01/2007
SP2 (6.0.6002) 3.0 GB WinVista Compatible PC 30/01/2007
SP2 (6.0.6002) 3.0 - 3.6 GB WinVista Compatible PC 30/01/2007
SP2 (6.0.6002) 976 MB WinVista Compatible PC 30/01/2007