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Sep 15, 2022
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4.1.8 (32/64-bit)
Windows 11, 10, 7 PC
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Free up memory and optimize PC performance.

If your system performs slow then it might be your PC memory that is working at 100%. The reason may very that why your computer memory is consumed too high. But there is a clean solution to fix this problem and that is download wise memory optimizer for Windows PC.

This is a lightweight PC optimizer tool that instantly frees up the memory disk and creates more room to use it for essential processes.

One-Click Solution

It’s a one-click solution all you need is to press the big green “optimize” button and it will in less than 10 seconds to free up memory. There are plenty of programs that consume high memory usage and make the PC slower. With the Wise Memory Optimizer download and installed on your PC you don’t need to worry about high memory usage.

The Wise Memory Optimizer latest version is built to support Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 including Windows XP both 32-bit and 64-bit.

Clean Interface

The interface is very simple yet gives a solid look. This memory optimizer for PC shows results in a graph form. the red shows the used memory and the green shows free memory. You don’t need to be very expert to use this app. Even a newbie can use this computer memory optimizing tool efficiently.

Portable PC Optimizer

If you don’t want to install this tool so that it doesn’t create an entry in the Windows registry, then don’t worry. You can also download the Wise Memory Optimizer portable version which is the latest version. Just drop its .exe file on your system double-click on it to run and optimize PC RAM.

Set a Limit to Scan

You can even set a limit to run a scan if the memory usage is across that limit this tool will automatically run in the background. If your RAM is 16 GB then you can set a limit at 4 GB. Once any program or process consumes more memory and gets nears the set limit i.e. 4GB this tool will auto perform its function.

You Should Download Wise Memory Optimizer

The Wise Memory Optimizer is an amazing tool to optimize PC RAM. It can significantly improve your PC performance. With size so small it hardly consumes any system resource. Overall it’s a clean tool just download it on any Windows PC and see the astonishing result for yourself.

Wise Memory Optimizer Latest Version 4.1.8 (32/64-bit) Update

Set "Free up memory" as a required option and cannot be canceled. Fixed an issue where the results of auto-optimization did not disappear. Fixed an issue with Timing Optimization in the previous version.