BSL Shaders 1.20.2 - 8.2.05
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Sep 09, 2023
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1.20.2 - 8.2.05
Minecraft + Iris Shaders/OptiFine
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BSL Shaders by Capttatsu is one of the most customizable and optimized shader packs supported by Minecraft Java Edition. It adds new features like real-time shadows, volumetric light, ambient occlusion, bloom, customizable clouds, and water, and built-in anti-aliasing. Some additional effects like depth of field, motion blur, specular and normal mapping, cel-shading, world curvature, and more are also available.

BSL Shaders download is available for all famous versions of Minecraft Java Edition. It also supports both Iris Shaders and OptiFine, which means you can use either of them to load this shader in-game.

BSL Shaders System Requirements

Take a look at some prerequisites and requirements before you download and try it out.

How to Download & Install BSL Shaders

Follow the short steps below to get this shader in-game:

Step 1: Download the latest version of the shader pack from the top of this page.

Step 2: Move the shader pack’s zip file to the “shaderpacks” folder inside the Minecraft installation folder “Local Disk (C:) > Users > (Your PC Name) > AppData > Roaming > .minecraft > shaderpacks“.

Step 3: Launch the OptiFine or Iris Shaders profile from the Minecraft Launcher.

Step 4: To apply this shader in-game go to Video Settings and then look for the Shaders Menu.

Best Settings BSL Shaders

There are no set best settings when it comes to shaderpacks. The settings depend completely on your PC hardware specifications. High-end PCs can obviously run this shader pack at the highest preset, whereas a low-end PC’s optimal settings would be low preset. The dev, however, recommends using the following settings for a good balance of better visuals and optimization.

  • Graphics: Fancy
  • Render Distance: 8 or above
  • Smooth Lighting: Maximum
  • Smooth Lighting Level: 100%
  • Dynamic Lights: Fast / Fancy
  • Sky: On

Here’s how you can adjust these options in-game.

Step 1: Launch Minecraft then go to Video Settings and click on Shaders.

Step 2: Once inside the Shaders menu select BSL Shaders and then click “Shader Options…“.

Applying shader in Minecraft

Step 3: Inside Shader Options click on the “Profile:” button to toggle between Minimum, Low, Medium, High, and Ultra presets. If you really know what you’re doing then adjust all settings manually from within this menu.

Selecting BSL shader preset profile via the shader options

Step 4: Adjusting and experimenting with these settings will help you find the best settings for it. If you’re confused as to what a specific option does then hovering over it will provide you detailed information about it.


Is BSL shaderpack safe?

Yes, this shader pack is completely safe to use as we observed in our testing and usage.

Can I run BSL in Minecraft 1.x.x?

Shader packs are mostly independent of the Minecraft Version. As long as OptiFine or Iris Shaders is installed the shader pack should run perfectly. The oldest version of Minecraft that Capttatsu recommends running with BSL is Minecraft 1.13.2.
Any older versions than this will still work with it but might introduce errors or other compatibility problems.

I already put the shaderpack to the shaderpacks folder but it doesn’t appear.

Make sure to place the zip archive of the shader as it was downloaded and do not extract it.

Will there ever be a Bedrock version of this shader mod?

No, Minecraft Bedrock’s shader capability is less compared to Optifine and Iris Shaders.

BSL Shaders Latest Version 1.20.2 - 8.2.05 Update


Extra features:
- Added Minimum profile.
- Added an option to disable shadows.
- Added proper volumetric clouds. (Thanks Emin)
- Added TAA mode option.
- Added "Allow Skybox" option.
- Added auto exposure radius & speed option.
Removed features:
- Support for time scaling mod is temporarily disabled.
- Improved anti-aliasing quality while enabling both FXAA and TAA.
- Tweaked shadow quality & distance on medium preset.
- Tweaked skybox (old) clouds to look as close as possible to proper volumetric clouds.
- Fixed blindness bug when vanilla nether color is enabled. (Thanks Septonious)
- Fixed shadow bug on glowing entities.

Download BSL Shaders Old Versions

Version Size Requirements Date
1.20 - 8.2.04 910.69 KB Minecraft + Iris Shaders/OptiFine 08/06/2023
1.19.4 - 910.13 KB Minecraft + Iris Shaders/OptiFine 03/05/2023
1.19.3 - 8.2.02 906.49 KB Minecraft + Iris Shaders/OptiFine 12/02/2023
1.19.2- 8.2 904.23 KB Minecraft + Iris Shaders/OptiFine 09/10/2022
1.19 - 8.1.03 902.38 KB Minecraft + Iris Shaders/OptiFine 10/07/2022
1.18.2 - 901.83 KB Minecraft + Iris Shaders/OptiFine 15/04/2022
1.18 - 8.1.01 905.28 KB Minecraft + Iris Shaders/OptiFine 22/09/2021
1.16.5 - 8.0.01 891.82 KB Minecraft + Iris Shaders/OptiFine 07/03/2021
1.12.2 - 7.0 446 KB Minecraft + Iris Shaders/OptiFine 22/12/2022

BSL Shaders Features