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Display Driver Uninstaller For Windows

Thoroughly Uninstalls AMD/ Intel / NVIDIA Graphics Card Drivers.

Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU) is a free driver removal tool that can help you to completely remove Intel/AMD/NVIDIA graphics card drivers and packages from your computer, without leaving leftovers behind including files and folders, registry keys and driver store.

Download & install the latest version Display Driver Uninstaller utility for Windows. Fully compatible with both 32bit-64bit versions of  Windows 10, 1909 ( November 2019) (anything higher is at your own risk), Windows 8.1, Windows 7, and Windows Vista SP2. It also requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.

Display Driver Uninstaller

Cleaner made for Display Drivers

Sometimes you’re gonna end up running into problems with your display driver. You might experience a number of different issues in your games or programs. 

Things like poor frame-rates, stuttering, or crashing in blue screens. Crashing and blue screen is probably one of the biggest indications of a graphics driver problem. Most of the time a good fix is to simply uninstall the driver and reinstall it.

However, simply traditionally uninstalling the drivers doesn’t guarantee that the fix is going to work. This largely has to do with how much traditional uninstaller removes from your system. 

They usually don’t remove everything having to do with that driver and some of the times, that issue is related to something going on within those files that weren’t removed this is where Display driver uninstaller comes in.

 DDU helps you to thoroughly uninstalls Intel drivers, AMD drivers & NVIDIA graphics card drivers from your computer.

Display Driver Uninstaller Recommend usage

  • Disable your internet connection or completely block Windows Update when running DDU until you have re-installed your new drivers.
  • DDU should be used when having a problem uninstalling /installing a driver or when switching the GPU brand.
  • DDU should not be used every time you install a new driver unless you know what you are doing.
  • Install DDU on a local drive (C, D, or else) It will not work on a network drive.
  • Choose Normal mode but for absolute stability when using DDU, Safe mode is always the best.
  • If you are using DDU in normal mode, Clean, reboot, clean again, reboot.
  • Make a backup or a system restore (but it should normally be pretty safe).
  • It is best to exclude the DDU folder completely from any security software to avoid issues.

What’s New in 18.4.2

  • Changed the driver store clean order to prevent a warning message.
  • Set the target framework to 4.5 to workaround a weird issue with “Marshal.sizeOF” would require v4.5.1 if the target is higher.
  • NVIDIA: Made the removal of the NVCP (DCH only) optional.
  • New command-line argument: -RemoveNVCP
Display Driver Uninstaller For PC

Display Driver Uninstaller
V18.0.4.2 For PC

🛡️ Safe & Secure

Download Information

  • License: Free
  • Platform: Windows OS
  • Language: English
  • File Size: 1.03 MB
  • Downloads: 144,672
  • Developer: Wagnardsoft