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May 30, 2023
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0.83.0 (1.20)
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Fabric API is a powerful library for modding with Fabric into Minecraft, providing essential hooks and interoperability mechanisms. It enhances functionality for mods, such as accessing particles, biomes, and dimensions. It improves mod compatibility through events, hooks, and APIs. Compatible with various platforms, it offers registry synchronization, crash report enhancements, and an advanced rendering API and is accessible to mod developers using the Fabric Loader for a seamless experience.

Key Features

  • Essential Hooks: Provides essential hooks and interoperability mechanisms for Fabric mods, allowing developers to enhance functionality and access features like particles, biomes, and dimensions.
  • Improved Mod Compatibility: Adds events, hooks, and APIs to improve interoperability between different mods, ensuring smoother integration and enhanced compatibility.
  • Registry Synchronization: Facilitates synchronization of game registries, making it easier to add new content, items, blocks, and entities to the game without conflicts.
  • Crash Report Enhancements: Adds information to crash reports, aiding in more effective debugging and troubleshooting mod-related issues.
  • Advanced Rendering API: Offers a comprehensive rendering API designed for compatibility with optimization mods and graphics overhaul mods, allowing for improved visuals and performance.


How to Download & Install Fabric API on Client-side:

  • Ensure you have Fabric Loader installed because it is just like any other mod loaded in Minecraft by the Fabric Loader.
  • Download the jar file of the mod and place it into the mods folder inside the Minecraft install directory. It can be found in:
    • “Local Disk (C:) > Users > (Your PC Name) > AppData > Roaming > .minecraft > mods”.
  • Start the Fabric profile from the Minecraft launcher to ensure that installation is successful.

How to install Fabric API to the server:

Download Fabric’s server JAR file from the official Fabric website. Place the Fabric server JAR file into the server’s designated folder and run it to start the server with this API installed.


What is Fabric API?

Fabric API serves as a fundamental library for Fabric mods, offering crucial hooks and interoperability mechanisms. It exposes functionalities, introduces events and hooks, and improves mod compatibility.

What does Fabric API do?

It serves as the “hook layer” for Fabric mods, offering essential hooks and interoperability mechanisms. It also includes Fabric language modules for supporting other languages like Kotlin and Scala.

Where to put Fabric API?

You have to put it in the mods folder inside the Minecraft installation folder here “Local Disk (C:) > Users > (Your PC Name) > AppData > Roaming > .minecraft > mods”.

How to Use Fabric API?

There is no usage involved in this mod, once it is installed then you’re done. Now mods can be installed and loaded into Minecraft via the Fabric Mod Loader.

Fabric API Latest Version 0.83.0 (1.20) Update

Bump version (modmuss50)
Setup unit tests & format gradle files. (#3073) (modmuss)
Move injection point of TooltipComponentCallback (#3085) (Technici4n)
fix: floral tag missing meadow biome (#3078) (Maity)
Set player.currentScreenHandler before invoking ExtendedScreenHandlerFactory (#3077) (modmuss)
Fix FabricBlockLootTableProvider breaking depending on the mapping set (#3070) (Technici4n)
Add metadata information to POMs (#3074) (Roman / Linnea Gräf)
Add an event that fires when client player left-clicks (#3043) (qouteall)
1.20-pre7 (modmuss50)