Fabric Loader 0.14.21 (1.20)
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A lightweight, experimental modding toolchain for Minecraft.
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May 30, 2023
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0.14.21 (1.20)
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Fabric Loader is a mod loading tool designed for Minecraft, providing a streamlined platform for mod developers and players. It allows users to easily install and manage Fabric mods, enhancing gameplay experiences.

Fabric Mod Loader supports multiple platforms, including Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Mod Features

  • Mod Compatibility: Allows players to use mods created specifically for the Fabric modding platform.
  • Lightweight: Known for its lightweight nature, it provides a more efficient modding experience compared to other mod loaders.
  • Performance Optimization: Aims to optimize the game’s performance while running mods, resulting in smoother gameplay.
  • Easy Installation: Provides a user-friendly installation process for both players and mod developers.
  • Compatibility with Fabric API: Works in conjunction with the Fabric API, a library mod that provides essential functionalities for mod development and compatibility.


How to Download & Install Fabric Loader:

Fabric Loader download and installation is quite simple, follow these steps below and you’ll be done with it in no time.

  • Make sure your Minecraft Launcher is closed.
  • Download the mod’s jar (Java) installer file.
  • Run the installer and go under the Client tab. Select the Minecraft and Loader versions here and make sure the Create Profile is checked.
  • Click on Install.
How to Install Fabric Loader


Can I use it with other mod loaders like Forge?

This mod loader is designed to work independently and is not compatible with other mod loaders like Forge. However, some mods may have versions available for both loaders.

Are there any performance differences between Fabric and other mod loaders?

It is known for its performance optimizations and lightweight nature, which can result in better overall performance compared to other loaders. However, the actual performance may vary depending on the mods used and the specific configuration.

How do I find mods compatible with this loader?

There are various sources where you can find mods compatible with Fabric Loader, our website happens to be one of them but alternatively, you can use modding websites like CurseForge and Modrinth.

Is Fabric Loader available for different Minecraft versions?

It is typically available for most new Minecraft versions. It’s important to check the compatible loader version for your desired Minecraft version.

Fabric Loader Latest Version 0.14.21 (1.20) Update

Updated to version 0.14.21 (1.20) May 30, 2023.

Download Fabric Loader Old Versions

Version Size Requirements Date
0.11.0 (1.16.5) 14.6 MB Windows 11/10 + Minecraft 1.16.5 03/10/2021