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ScriptHookVDotNet is a GTA V modding tool that allows users to enhance their gameplay experience. It provides a high-level API, making interacting with the game’s engine easier and creating complex mods that would be impossible otherwise.

With ScriptHookVDotNet 3.6.0 download, players can modify GTA V by adding new gameplay mechanics, features, and enhancements via scripts. It is compatible with the PC version of GTA V and supports scripting in .NET languages like C++ and Visual Basic.

Community Script Hook V .NET is an ASI plugin allowing you to run scripts written in any .NET language ingame. Development is community-driven and open to everybody who wants to help out.

How to Install ScriptHookVDotNet

Script Hook V .NET requires Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 & Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 (or higher) to be installed before it can be used.

Step 1: First download and install Script Hook V. A guide on its installation is also given on the download page.

Step 2: Start the ScriptHookVDotNet download and extract the files inside it.

Step 3: Locate your GTA 5 installation folder by navigating to the location where your game is installed on your computer. Typically, it is in the “C Drive > Program Files > Rockstar Games > Grand Theft Auto V” folder. However, it can be different depending on the game launcher.

Step 4: Move the extracted files into the main GTA 5 installation folder (where GTAV.exe is) and that’s it.

ScriptHookVDotNet Latest Version 3.6.0 Update


  • Added ShapeTest class, ShapeTestHandle and ShapeTestResult structs, and ShapeTestStatus and ShapeTestOptions
    • Made World.RaycastCapsule() as obsolete because the result may not be made in the same frame you call the method despite START_SHAPE_TEST_CAPSULE asynchronous. Use ShapeTest.StartTestCapsule() instead.
  • Added missing values to IntersectFlags and old incorrect value as obsolete
  • Added TaskInvoker.StartVehicleMission()TaskInvoker.StartHeliMission()TaskInvoker.StartPlaneMission(), and TaskInvoker.StartBoatMission()Vehicle.GetActiveMissionType() methods, VehicleMissionTypeBoatMissionFlags, and HeliMissionFlags enums
  • Added Vehicle.BringToHalt()Vehicle.BringToHalt()Vehicle.StopBringingToHalt() methods, and IsBeingBroughtToHalt property
  • Added Vehicle.IsParachuteDeployedVehicle.IsRocketBoostActiveVehicle.StartParachuting(), and the setters of IsLeftIndicatorLightOn and IsRightIndicatorLightOn
  • Added Projectile.FromHandle()
  • Added EulerRotationOrder enum
  • Added the accurate documentation to Ped.AlwaysKeepTask and Ped.BlockPermanentEvents
    • Note that Ped.AlwaysKeepTask only take effect when you call Ped.MarkAsNoLongerNeeded() or set Ped.IsPersistent to false as previous versions.
  • Added new peds, vehicles, weapons, weapon components, and blip sprites to PedHashVehicleHashWeaponHashWeaponComponentHash, and BlipSprite enums
  • Added missing values to AnimationFlags and documentations for all values and made 2 old values as obsolete
  • Added missing values to Font of v3 API and documentations for all values
  • Added missing values to VehicleDrivingFlags and old incorrect values as obsolete
  • Added missing value for INPUT_VEH_FLY_BOOST to Control enum
    • For developers, if you use VehicleParachuteVehicleBikeWingsVehicleFlyBombBayVehicleFlyCounterVehicleFlyTransformQuadLocoReverseRespawnFasterHudmarkerSelect, you should compile against v3.6.0 (v2.11.6.0 for v2 API) or later versions of SHVDN since enum values are compiled as constant values.
  • Added missing values to EnterVehicleFlags and EnterVehicleFlags and old incorrect values of EnterVehicleFlags as obsolete
  • Added missing value to Dead to Relationship and documentations for most values to tell script developers accurate names
  • Added missing values to VehicleWeaponHash
  • Fixed WeaponComponentCollection (Ped.Weapon.Components) crashing the game on the collection accessed in 1.0.2802.0 or later
  • Fixed World.CreateParticleEffect not working with entity
  • Fixed Ped.CanBeKnockedOffBike
  • Fixed the setter of Vehicle.RadioStation
  • Fixed the Entity.MaxHealthFloat not working correctly in 1.0.2699.16 or later
  • Fixed the countermeasure for vehicle despawning not working in 1.0.2802.0 or later
  • Fixed exception when attempting to initialize a custom script instance
  • Made Weapon.LocalizedName and WeaponComponent.LocalizedName faster.
  • Made Ped.LastVehicle more reliable. No longer returns null when the ped is going to a entry point (door) or opening the door, or returns a Vehicle instance that are for the vehicle the ped is getting in.
  • Updated Formation and old values as obsolete
  • Updated ParachuteLandingType and old values as obsolete

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